​Site Location​
9008 Deponie Drive
Raleigh NC  27614

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Wake County recently renovated the Solid Waste Facility at Deponie Drive. The project consisted of renovating the existing Household Hazardous Waste shelter and the existing Multi-Materials drop-off facility and the construction of a new office building and two attendant huts at the North Wake Landfill. The canopies for both existing structures were extended, and there was minor demolition of an existing structure underneath the Multi-Materials canopy. The tire discard area underwent improvements to the existing railing, and new retaining walls were placed to help maximize usable space in all renovated areas. There were electrical and stormwater upgrades to support the new infrastructure, and pavement was replaced and restriped, as needed. The concrete loop road leading to the County Park was also repaired, which involved crack repair, spalling repair, and panel replacement, with new striping and signage installed.


Site Acreage: 23.75 acres
Building Area:

​MMR/Office Building – 10,453 SF
Tire Area Shelter – 100 SF
HHW Shelter – 100 SF
HHW – 2,020 SF

Parking: 15 total spaces, pull-through and drop-off areas also available
Programs Offered: Multi-Material Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste Disposal, Tire Disposal, County Park Access
Architect: Huffman Architects, PA
Contractor: ​T.C.C. Enterprises, Inc.
Construction Budget: ​$1.8 M
​Completed: ​October 2016

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