Site Location
5051 Wendell Blvd.
Wendell, NC  27591


The existing Wake County Convenience Center #11 occupies 2.3 acres of a 4.3-acre parcel of land owned by Wake County. The proposed improvements will expand the facility to use as much of the full 4.3-acre panel, as practical. These improvements include a new driveway entrance on the southern end of the parcel, an access road to provide better traffic flow, and updated facilities for receipt of additional waste and recyclable materials for residents of eastern Wake County.
There are separate drop-off areas for collection of food waste, household hazardous waste, recyclable materials and solid wastes. The multi-material recycling facility (MMR)is a separate area from the drop-off locations for waste and recyclables. The MMR area contains employee and drop-off parking for residents. A gravel drive extending from the MMR entrance around the perimeter of the facility provides separation of commercial trucks loading and unloading containers from the public traffic.  Wendell Boulevard was also widened to include two 12-foot travel lanes, a dual left-turn lane, 4-foot bike lane, curb and gutter, and a 6-foot sidewalk.
This project was completed in 2017.


Site Acreage​: 4.3 acres
Parking: Employee only
Programs Offered: Multi-Materials Recycling, Household Hazardous Waste disposal, Municipal solid waste
Engineers: HDR Engineers
Construction Budget: ​$2.1 million
Current Phase: Completed

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Convenience Ctr # 11 Proposed Site Plan