Pending and Recent Wake County Special Use Permit Petitions, Variance Requests, and Planned Compliance Permits

(Most recently submitted petitions are listed first. Click on the hyperlinks to see the submitted original (or revised) petition (with maps and plans), staff report to Board of Adjustment, or Board of Adjustment Minutes.)

Links to previous years' applications are listed below this table.

For more information or to submit comments (refer to file no.), contact Celena Everette: Tel: 919-856-6214; Wake County Zoning and Subdivision Administration, PO Box 550, Raleigh, NC 27602-0550.

File No.
[submittal date]
General Location Property Identification Number Area (acres) Proposed Use Hearing Date/Action
BA-SU-2261-18 ​Burlington Mill Road ​1749-51-9726 ​Expansion of electric substation ​August
BA-SU-2260-18 ​11412 Strickland Road ​0798-24-6162 ​Religious assembly building ​August
BA-SU-​2259-18​ ​East Garner Road ​1740-23-1001 ​Baseball learning & training facility ​July
​BA-SU-2257-17 ​13029 Keith Store Road 1820-87-5446​ ​Recreation play field and volleyball court ​March
​PCP-02-17 ​2477 Bud Lipscomb Road ​0695-08-3751 ​19.6 ​Self-storage with a surface lot storage ​February to Planning Board
​PCP-01-17 ​8135,8139 & 8147 Old McCullers Road ​0699-03-0928, 0689-93-9784 & 0699-03-0404 ​Industrial service-flex use office/warehouse building January to Planning Board
BA-SU-2208-15 ​9927 Falls of Neuse Road ​1718-76-8824 ​- ​Renovation and change to New Life Camp ​January
BA-V-2256-17 ​4209 S. Smithfield Road ​1762-45-5747 ​- ​Allow for a plant density buffer reduction greater than 25% ​October
PCP-01-17 ​8135, 8139, & 8147 Old McCullers Road ​0699-03-0928, 0689939784 & 0699-03-0404 ​8.55 Allow for an industrial service-flex use office/warehouse building​ ​September
​BA-SU-2254-17 ​3127 Jack Mitchell Road ​1797-11-5158 ​3.8 ​To allow recreation area​ ​September
BA-V-2251-17 ​6825 Green Meadow Drive ​0790-52-3861 -​​ ​Variance to encroach into the Water Supply Watershed Buffer ​July
BA-SU-2250-17 ​1404 W. Academy St. ​0646-84-2041 10+​ ​Non-conforming use for an outdoor storage facility​ ​June
BA-SU-2249-17 ​4209 S. Smithfield Road ​1762-45-5747 ​7.5 ​To allow an athletic field at an existing church ​May
BA-V-2248-17 ​10328 Baileywick Road ​0788-85-9547 Variance to allow to encroach into the required 15-foot side setback ​May
BA-V-2246-17​ 1628 Brook Run Drive​ 1719-68-7638​ ​1.00 Variance to allow for an encroachment into the required 15-foot side setback​ April​
BA-SU-2245-17 7525 Cass Holt Road​ ​0637-01-4081 74.88​ To allow for a cemetery​ April​

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