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File No.
[submittal date]
General Location
Property Identification Number
Area (acres)
Proposed Use
Hearing Date/Action
Northeast corner of the intersection of Creedmoor and Norwood roads
0799.01-28-9439, 0799.01-28-8881
Variance request for the increase in the allowable reduction of a bufferyard from 25% to 59%
2/13/07 approved
East side of New Hill Holleman Road between Avent Ferry Road and Harris Lake
0628.04 70 0189
Construction and operation of an outdoor Boat and Mini Storage facility
West side of Creedmoor Road at the end of Easy Horse Trail
0883.02 75 3424
proposed farm with associated recreational activities, horseback riding, instruction, and boarding
East side of Hodge Road at the intersection of Hodge and Leonard roads
1742.03 43 7356
temporary second residence for custodial care
10/10/06 approved
East side of Merion Station Drive between Ballytore and Hardenridge Court
0750.01 35 5023
Proposed accessory use (parking) in existing subdivision
01/09/07 approved
SU 2066-06 08/22/06
SU-V 2065 08/22/06
East side of Sauls Road between State Road(s) 1010 and 2728
1608.02 66 8527
Proposed Child Daycare Center
01/09/07 denied
North side of US 70 East between Green Garden and Guy Road
construction and operation of a lumber yard
Northeast corner of the intersection of Creedmoor and Norwood roads
0799.01-28-9439, 0799.01-28-8881
expansion of neighborhood convenience retail
West side of Smithfield Road between Bissette Road and the Wake County line
0733.04 72 2135, 0733.04 72 1870
proposed expansion of existing construction and demolition landfill
07/11/06 approved
East side of Martin Pond Drive between Eagle Rock and Eagle Crossing Drive
1774.04 52 7280
Proposed Daycare within Judd Ministries Church
West side of Rand Road, north of the intersection of Rand and Ten Ten roads
1609.03 42 2122, 1609.03 41 0994, 1609.03 31 9765
expansion of McCullers Community Baptist Church
07/11/06 approved
postponed until July 11, 06 Board of Adjustment
West of Fayetteville, south of Ransdell, at the intersection of Shopping Ctr and Smart drives
0688.01 38 9060 0688.01 48 6295
construction of a warehouse and light industry
07/11/06 approved
West side of Serenity Creek at Poole Road
1732.02 98 2878
Construct and operate a commercial kennel
East side of Camp Kanata Road between NC 98 and Purnell Road
1821.02 89 4006
Revisions and additions to an existing youth facility
04/24/06 approved


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