​The Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) specifies procedures and standards for dividing a parcel of land into lots suitable for development and for the provision of appropriate access and utility service to those lots. Although State law exempts some divisions of land from County subdivision regulations, most divisions of land in Wake County occur in accord with the UDO, either as a minor subdivision or as a regular subdivision.


Any subdivision submitted for approval on or after 6/7/05 must meet the design criteria under the Unified Development Ordinance. Wake County regulates land development within those areas of the County located outside the planning jurisdictions of its 12 municipalities. It does so principally through the Unified Development Ordinance, under the guidance provided by the Wake County Land Use Plan, in one of three different types:

Exempt Subdivisions

Proposing divisions of land that do not constitute a subdivision. View subdivision exemptions.

Minor Subdivisions

Creates no more than three lots with direct access to a new, existing or extended private road or to an existing public road; does not involve any new public road; does not involve the extension of public wastewater or water lines; does not landlock or prevent development of the remainder of the parcel or abutting property; does not create any new or residual parcels that do not comply with the requirements of this ordinance or other applicable state or local regulations; and is not located, wholly or substantially, in a flood hazard area. View minor subdivisions.

Regular Subdivisions

Any subdivision that does not meet the criteria for processing as a minor subdivision is a regular subdivision. View regular subdivisions.

Other Actions

Subdivision Appeals

An appeal to a misinterpretation, judgment or error in application. Learn about subdivision appeals.

Subdivision Variance

Where carrying out the strict letter of a subdivision regulation would allow no reasonable subdivision or use of the property. Learn about subdivision variance.

For more information about subdivision regulation, contact:

    Wake County Zoning and Subdivision Administration
    336 Fayetteville St., PO Box 550
    Raleigh, NC 27602-0550
    Phone 919-856-6216
    FAX: 919-856-5824

Subdivision Administration staff are located at the Permits/Plans Review Center, Mall level, Wake County Office Building, 336 Fayetteville St., Downtown Raleigh.