The application checklist requirements provided here are for your use in obtaining zoning or subdivision permits or approvals. It is strongly recommended that any person considering seeking a permit or approval should: 


  1. Contact Zoning and Subdivision Administration staff, who will explain the review process, applicable requirements and standards. Staff can also discuss potential issues and provide the necessary forms and application checklists.
  2. Review applicable checklist.
  3. Review Permit Portal Instructions:
  4. Complete the appropriate application on the Wake County Permit Portal.
  5. Review instructions for how to review and attach documents.


Note: The following applications are accepted once a month: Special Use, Planned Compliance, Variances, Preliminary Subdivision and Rezoning. For preliminary review schedule see Subdivision Review Schedulesfor all other review schedules see Zoning Review Schedule for the submittal dates and review cycles for these applications.

If you have questions, you may call the Zoning Administration Staff at 919-856-6335 about zoning concerns and the Subdivision Staff at 919-856-6216.

All forms are provided in PDF format, allowing any computer with the free Adobe Reader to open them. PDF forms can be completed on your computer, printed and submitted. To open a form, left-click on the PDF link below.

To download one of these files, right-click on the PDF link for the file below you would like to download. Select "Save Target As" and then place the file where you would like to save it.

Category: Title: PDF:
Subdivision Preliminary Subdivision Plan Checklist
Subdivision Minor and Minor-Limited Subdivision Checklist
Subdivision Exempt Subdivision Checklist
Subdivision Hardship Variance Checklist
​Subdivision Regular Final Plat Subdivision Checklist
​Subdivision Performance Guarantee Agreement​
Zoning Land Use Simple Checklist (i.e. residential: driveways, patios, < 12x12 sheds)
Zoning Home Occupation-Land Use Special Supplemental Application
​Zoning ​In-Home Care Facility-Land Use Special Checklist
​Zoning ​ABC-Land Use Special Checklist
Zoning​ ​Farm Exempt-Land Use Simple Supplemental Application
Zoning Commercial Sign Checklist
Zoning Request for Possible Zoning Violation Investigation
Zoning Commercial Use-Minor & Major Checklist
​Zoning ​Appeal
Zoning Hardship Variance Checklist
Zoning Rezoning Checklist
Zoning Special Use Checklist
Zoning Grave Disinterment Checklist
Land Use Plan Land Use Plan Amendment Checklist
​Pre-submittal Pre-submittal Meeting Checklist (in-home care facility, commercial, rezoning and subdivisions)​
Fee Schedule


PDF documents require the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader