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Click on the links below to see the submitted original (or revised) application (with maps).

For more information or to submit comments (refer to file no.), contact Celena Everette; Tel: 919-856-6214; Wake County Zoning and Subdivision Administration, PO Box 550, Raleigh, NC 27602-0550.

File No.
[submittal date]
General Location Property Identification Number Area (acres) Proposed Use Hearing Date/Action
​BA-V-2177-12 ​1144 Claybank ​0779.04-70-5624 ​- ​Locate accessory building  in front setback ​12-11-12
​BA-SU-2176-12 ​South of Hwy 70 ​1740.03-01-9040 125.41​ ​Solar Farm 1-8-13
BA-SU-2175-12​ ​South of Hwy 70 ​1730.04-70-2709 126.33​ Solar Farm​ 1-8-13
​BA-SU-2174-12 South of Hwy 70​ 1730.04-81-7315​ ​90 Solar Farm​ 1-8-13
BA-SU-2173-12​ West side of Pearce Road​ ​2707.01-26-6865 & 2707.01-27-4568 15.49​ ​Solar Farm 12-11-12
​BA-V-2172-12 East side of The Gates Drive ​0891.03-42-7922 0.917​ ​Reduce the minimum lot size 12-11-12
​BA-V-2171-12 West side of James Rest Home Road​ ​0629.01-06-5342 ​1.1 Encroach into corner yard setback​ 12-11-12
​BA-V-2170-12 Between Jones Farm Road and Jumper Drive​ ​1850.04-63-4488 0.38​ Encroach into the setback​ 11-13-12
BA-V-​2169-12 ​Eastern side of Van Gogh Lane, between Ten Ten Road and Broadwing Way ​0761.04-50-4107 0.92​ Exceed the impervious surface limit in the Swift Creek watershed​ withdrawn
BA-SU-2167-12 West side of Hwy 401 between Judd Parkway and Judd Parkway Extension​ 0646-04-83-1467​ ​1.75 Build Self-storage units​ 12-11-12
BA-V-2166-12 ​South side of Perry Road 0761740647​ ​0.92 Exceed the impervious surface limit​ Denied 10-9-12
BA-SU-2164-12 Northern side of Mt. Vernon Church Road 1709.03-14-8633 7.65 Modify existing church 9-11-12
BA-SU-2163-12 Western side of Fayetteville Road Part of 1701.13-04-6088 39.96 Used Car Lot 8-14-12
BA-SU 2162-12 Northwestern corner of Creedmoor & Durham roads 0891.01-25-3583 15.76 Multi-Purpose Building for a Church 8-14-12
BA-SU-2161-12 Western side of Yates Mill Pond Road 0782.03-11-4585 6.9 Religious Assembly expansion 7-10-12
BA-SU-2160-12 North side of Old Store Road 0685.02-59-2257, 0686.04-60-3483,0686.04-61-0435, 0686.04-51-3079 51.4 Solar Farm 6-12-12
BA-V-2159-12 West side of Brookridge Drive 0761.12-75-8616 1.12 Exceed 12% impervious surface coverage in Swift Creek 4-10-12
BA-SU-2158-12 West side of Auburn Knightdale Road 1742.03-10-1206 206.98 Weddings and wedding receptions 6-12-12
BA-SU-2157-12 West side of Capital Blvd. 1739.03-40-4590 3.58 Automobile sales 4-10-12
BA-SU-2156-12 Eastern side of Capital Blvd. 1738.01-37-0184 3.3 Garage/carport display & sales office 4-10-12



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Celena Everette

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