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Click on the links below to see the submitted original (or revised) application (with maps).

For more information or to submit comments (refer to file no.), contact Celena Everette; Tel: 919-856-6214; Wake County Zoning and Subdivision Administration, PO Box 550, Raleigh, NC 27602-0550.

File No.
[submittal date]
General Location Property Identification Number Area (acres) Proposed Use Hearing Date/Action
BA-V-2155-11 Northern side of Lapwing Trail 1749.03-22-1336 .69 Encroach into rear setback withdrawn
BA-SU-2154-11 Northern side of Interstate 540 1718.01-38-0988, and many more Public Greenway withdrawn
BA-SU-2153-11 South side of Beaver Dam 1803.01-07-7529 52.09 Recreation Farm pulled
PCP-04-11 East of New Hill-Holleman 0628-48-9476 14.65 Contractor office 1-4-12
BA-SU-2152-11 West of Rex Road 0637.01-38-1597 15.46 Athletic fields 2-14-12
BA-V-2151-11 Eastern side of Grand Oak Lane 0710.01-28-6016 5.64 Allow accessory building to remain closer to street than residence November
BA-SU-2150-11 Western side of White Oak Road 1639.04-54-3836; 1639.02-55-0180 8.93 Retail Business November
PCP-01-11 West of Benson Road
portion of 1618.04-54-6148
Dollar General (Retail sales) September
BA-V-2149-11 East side of Smithfield Road
Delay planting the landscape bufferyard September
BA-SU-2148-11 South side of Opportunity Lane
1.0 Parking lot expansion September
BA-SU-2147-11 South side of Hwy 70 1740.03-01-9040 125.41 Solar farm 7/12/11
BA-SU-2146-11 (3/22/11) Northern side of Wait Ave. 1860.01-259639 17.60 New sanctuary 6/14/11,
BA-V-2145-11 (3/22/11) Southern side of Oak Ridge Court 0790.03-32-3400 .50 Exceed the impervious limit on lot located in Swift Creek May
BA-V-2144-11 (3/22/11) Northern side of Gail Ridge Lane 1765.02-77-5790 .46 Encroach 1.78' in a required 5' setback 6/14/11,
BA-V-2143-11 (3/22/11) Eastern side of Leesville Road 0788.01-08-1777 3.30 Extend seasonal sales from 45 days to 135 days per calendar year 6/14/11,
BA-SU-2142-11(2/22/11) Northeastern corner of Jenkins Road 1831.07-58-3980 8.54 additional 44 parking spaces 6/14/11,
BA-SU-2141-11(2/22/11) Eastern corner of Zebulon Road 1870.03-10-1772 –  redesign of property and expand items of sale May
BA-V  2140-11
South side of Promise Lane 1765.0491-5455 .689 encroach into the required front setback March
BA-V 2139-11
North side of Raven Ridge 1719.04-817433 148.76 eliminate a portion of the required bufferyard March



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Celena Everette

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