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​As of 7/1/2013

Fees are due upon submittal. Checks (made payable to Wake County), cash, Mastercard, and Visa are accepted.

Note: Some fees will change effective July 1, 2017.

Fee Name​ Fee Description​ Amount​ Effective 7/1/2017
Special Use Permit​ Special Use Permit​ $375​ $800​
Zoning Variance​ Hardship Variance​ $300​
Appeal​ Subdivision & Zoning​ $250​ $300
Minor Site Plan Review​ Land Use (use is changing)​ $100​
​Major Site Plan Review Land Use (use is changing)​ $800​ ​$500
​Plan Re-Review For the third and any subsequent reviews​ $50​
Zoning Permit​ Land Use (same use, change other than use, without septic verification)​ $50​
​Rezoning Modify zoning district​ $1,000​
​Modification of a Previously Approved Rezoning Modify a previously approved rezoning​ $750​ ​$1,000
Home Occupation​ Home Occupation​ $50​
Sign Permit​ Sign Permit​ $50​ ​$100
Family Care Home​ With Septic Verification (fee is $110 if septic verification is not required)​ $370​
​Small Day Care With Septic Verification (fee is $110 if septic verification is not required)​ $370​
ABC Permit​ Includes Building Inspection (fee is $50 if a building inspection is not required) ​ $110
Zoning Letter​ Zoning Verification Letter ​ $50​
Text Amendment​ Request Amendment to the Unified Development Ordinance​ $1,500​
Grave Removal​ Grave removal / relocation​ $300​ ​$500
Traffic Impact Analysis Fee​ Traffic Impact Analysis Review for Residential & Commercial​ $1,000​ ​$1,500
​Planned Compliance Permit Application Fee Site Plan approval after Rezoning​ $375​ ​$800
​PCP Site Plan Review ​Major Site Plan Review Required $800​ ​$500
​Preliminary Subdivision Review Preliminary Subdivision Review​ $1,000​
Exempt Subdivision Fees​ Exempt Subdivision Review​ $100​
Minor Subdivision Plat​ Minor Subdivision Review​ $200​
Construction Subdivision Plat​ Construction Subdivision Review​ $275​
​Appeal ​Subdivision & Zoning $250​ ​$300
Property Description Fees​ Property Description & re-review​ $60
Subdivision Sign​ Subdivision Public Sign​ $25​
Final Subdivision Review​ Fee per page​ $300/page​ ​ $600
Plan Re-Review​ For the third and any subsequent reviews​ $50​
Letters of Credit Fees​ Processing for financial guarantees​ $400​
Subdivision Variance Fees​ Subdivision Hardship Variance​ $300​
​Traffic Impact Analysis Fee ​Traffic Impact Analysis Review $1,000​ ​$1,500
Land Use Plan Amendment: SRUSA to LRUSA​ Short Range Urban Service Area to Long Range Urban Service Area ​ $1,000​
Land Use Plan Amendment: LRUSA to SRUSA​ Long Range Urban Service Area to Short Range Urban Service Area​ $1,000
Land Use Plan Amendment: NUA to LRUSA​ Non-Urban Area to Long Range Urban Service Area​ $1,000​
Activity Center location​ $1,000​
Road Close​ Right-of-way Abandonment​ $780​
Staff Research/Hour​ Per hour​ $75​
Unified Development Ordinance (hard copy)​ $60​
Unified Development Ordinance (CD)​ $30​ ​n/a
Copying​ Per page on anything over 10 pages​ $0.10​
Map Copies​ Depending on size​ $1 - $10​



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