Food Resource Locator

Information depicted hereon is for reference purposes only and is derived from best available sources. Wake County assumes no responsibility for errors arising from misuse of this map.

Relevant Data Used
SNAP Retailer data is provided by the USDA and updated annually. Food Pantry data is derived from a 2018 survey of all active food pantries in Wake County administered by the Capital Area Food Network (CAFN). Farmers Market and Community Garden data was created by the Wake County Long-Range Planning Division.

A point can be placed on the map by either clicking on the map or searching for an address in the search bar. The app then zooms into the point, displaying whether an area is food-insecure and returning any SNAP Retailers, Food Pantries, Farmer's Markets and Community Gardens within a one mile radius of the selected point. The radius of the search can be expanded to up to five miles by using the slider at the top of the resource list. The displayed resource type can be cycled with the arrows in the upper-right-hand corner. Driving instructions from the specified point to any selected food resource can be viewed by clicking on the car icon in the resource list.

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Wake Food Resource Locator 

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