A food-secure Wake County, where ALL people have
physical, social and economic access to safe, nutritious,
culturally appropriate and affordable food.

Building a culture of connections and nourishment.
 “In 2014 131,800 Wake County residents (13.8%) were food insecure.
Nearly 45,000 or 34% of those were children”*
In an effort to support the Strategies and Action Items recommended in the Wake County 2017 Comprehensive Food Security Plan “Moving Beyond Hunger” the Social Equity Program Team is developing a Food Asset Locator App. This is considered a “Fast Start Action” connecting several actions of the “Five Strategies” to provide a resource for partners and residents alike.

The Five Strategies are:
Ensure Food Access, Communicate and Educate, Develop Sustainable Food Supply, Build Economic Opportunity, Leading thru Networks
The Food Asset Locator App is a tool that can help anyone find nearby consumer food resources including grocery stores, convenience stores, retailers accepting SNAP, food pantries, and Farmers Markets.

To use the app, enter an address into the search bar at the top of the screen or click anywhere on the map. 
search bar 
The app will display a circle with a starting radius of one mile all around the point displaying grocery stores within that radius. The radius can be expanded to up to five miles with the slider
Clicking the up and down arrows in the upper right hand corner of the screen changes the type of food assets displayed.
By clicking the arrows, SNAP retailers, pantries, and, Farmers Markets can be displayed.
For driving directions to an asset, choose the asset in the list or in the map, then click on the car icon.