​The Wake County Community Vulnerabilities Index contains the following socioeconomic and demographic variables:
  • Unemployment: Defined as the county population age 16 and over who are unemployed in the civilian labor force;

  • Age Dependency: The population under the age of 18 and over the age of 64 combined;

  • Low Educational Attainment: The population of ages 25 and over who have less than a high school diploma;

  • Housing Vacancy: The total number of vacant or unoccupied housing units in a block group; and

  • Below Poverty Level: The population living below the federal poverty threshold in Wake County.
Percentages were calculated for each variable by block group. The tabular information was then sorted from highest to lowest percentage and given a score. The score was based on the total number of block groups, 1–455. Once each hardship factor was sorted and scored, the scores of each factor were added up to produce a total score.  The total scores were then sorted and ranked.