​The Southeast Area Land Use Plan covers Wendell and Zebulon's Urban Services Areas, plus a part of the Robertson's Pond watershed, which is classified as a non-urban area; the study area, which consists of 27,363 acres of land, is bordered on the north by Riley Hill Road, NC 97 and the Little River watershed; on the northeast by Franklin County; on the southeast by Johnston County; and on the west by Rolesville Road, US 64 Bypass, Marks Creek and Smithfield Road. The communities that make up the unique character of the Southeast area include Martin Center, Roberts Crossroad, Bunn Lake, Lizard Lick, Eagle Rock and Wakefield.

Public Participation
Wake County, Wendell and Zebulon planners, with the help of residents from the area, have developed a plan for Southeast Wake. Three Area Plan public meetings were held to allow residents from the area to participate in the planning process by sharing their ideas and concerns. Public meetings were held on November 18, 1999, at the Wendell Town Hall; April 4, 2000, at the Zebulon Council Chambers; and June 8, 2000, at the Wendell Town Hall. At the November meeting, an open house was held and an issues survey was distributed to attendees. Forty people attended; of those, 15 percent responded to the survey (see summary of issues, page 14).

Results of public participation
Important issues identified by persons responding to survey ranked in order according to priority are as follows:

  1. Provide for the development of business/industrial parks, and major employers
  2. Provide for compatible development
  3. Land use plan that reflects land owners preferences in developing their property
  4. Provide for mixed-use development
  5. Provide for open space/greenway.

Land Use Plan Goals
Four goals of the Plan were identified as a result of public participation, which are as follows:

  1. Provide for the development of business/industrial parks and major employers
  2. Focus concentrated development in mixed-use activity centers that include commercial services and employment opportunities
  3. Encourage growth that will take advantage of existing and planned infrastructure, so that municipalities are able to provide basic public services in accordance with their adopted plans
  4. Protect the character of the area by preserving significant natural features, historic resources and the cultural heritage.

Purpose of Southeast Area Land Use Plan
The proposed Southeast Area Land Use Plan (map and text) replaces the Land Use Classifications map for the Urban Services Areas (USA) of the towns of Wendell and Zebulon. The Plan is designed to provide guidelines for managing growth and development. The Plan encourages growth close to the municipalities and takes advantage of existing and planned infrastructure, such as transportation and water and sewer facilities. The Plan encourages higher densities and a wider range of land uses where existing and planned short-range community facilities and infrastructure can support them. Also, the Plan is used as follows:

  1. Identifies activity center locations for commercial, office and industrial/employment centers
  2. Defines appropriate residential densities. Guides and advises in review of rezoning request, site plans and the expansion of municipal jurisdiction
  3. Helps with decisions in acquiring land for greenways and parks
  4. The Plan uses the concept of activity centers to encourage development of integrated land uses and community facilities, such as parks, libraries and schools, as focal points for the areas as they develop.

The emphasis of the Plan is on defining the form, function, allowed uses and mixing of uses. The Plan addresses development rends and attempts to maintain the character of the area, while allowing growth to occur. Plan concepts include:

  • Mixed and concentrated land uses
  • Higher density residential land uses
  • Transit oriented development
  • Open space/greenways

To view maps of the Southeast Area Land Use Plan, visit the Planning Maps page.

Southeast Area Land Use Plan