​The plan is part of Phase Two of the County's Land Use Plan.

Phase One
Phase One, adopted in 1997, included a map (also a vision, goals and strategies). But, the map was incomplete: It showed unincorporated areas where municipalities expected to grow (Urban Service Areas), and it showed unincorporated areas where municipalities expected never to grow (Non-urban Areas). But, in most of these areas, the map didn't show future parks, business areas and residential densities.

The County Commissioners decided the map should be completed, through citizen participation, as Phase Two of the Plan. The map should reflect the goals of the Phase One Plan and should suggest places for future parks, businesses and residences. The Commissioners also decided, because of the County's size, the best way to make the map would be one geographic area at a time, working with each area's residents and other interested parties.

So far, the County, working with residents and others, has developed and adopted plans for four areas: Southwest Wake Area, Interstate 540/Strickland Road Area, East Raleigh/Knightdale Area, and Wendell/Zebulon Area. This plan is fifth in a series of six. Taken together, they'll give the County a complete map, suggesting places for parks, businesses and residences.

Main Uses of the Plan
A map suggesting places for parks, businesses and residences can help the County (and municipalities that grow into parts of the study area) do at least three things:

  • Decide Rezoning Petitions: The map WILL NOT rezone land, but is a source of advice to Commissioners when they consider a rezoning proposal.
  • Estimate Money Needed for Parks: The map suggests places suited for parks, so it can help in projecting money needed to buy park land from willing sellers.
  • Project Needs for Public Buildings and Services: The map suggests a range of future land uses. This can help in projecting public buildings and services needed to complement those uses.

To view maps of the Northeast Area Land Use Plan, visit the Planning Maps page.