​The Little River is an important resource to protect because it is designated as a future water supply for Eastern Wake County. The North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources has designated the watershed as a WS-II, one of the most restrictive and pristine classifications for public drinking water. Protecting the watershed is a shared priority among Eastern Wake County municipalities.

Wake County Planning and its partners hosted four open house community meetings to receive feedback on the implementation strategies of the Little River Reservoir Water Supply Watershed Interlocal Agreement – As adopted by Raleigh City Council on October 2, 2007 (ILA). The Little River watershed is located east of Rolesville and Buffalo Creek and is bordered on the north by the Franklin County and on the south by NC 97.

The purpose of the sessions was to share information regarding the proposed implementation of the ILA and discuss various aspects of the proposal with residents, property owners and others in the communities. Recommendations address future development, utilities, watershed conservation measures and municipal growth limitations.

The Wake County Board of Commissioners held a public meeting July 7, 2008 to consider the following items related to the Little River Reservoir Water Supply Watershed:

  1. Land-Use Plan Amendment (LUPA 04-07): Proposed Land Use Plan Map and Text Amendments to add Little River Reservoir Water Supply Watershed Overlay,
  2. Creation of the R-120W District (OA 05/07),
  3. Modification of the Water Supply Watershed Overlay District (OA 06/07),
  4. Rezoning R-80W properties to R-120W (ZP-865-08), and
  5. Apply the overlay to the R-40W and R-80W zoning districts (ZP-866-08)

The Board of Commissioners voted 7-0 to reject the above items and return them to staff & the Planning Board for further study.

View maps of the Little River Reservoir Water Supply Watershed Critical Area and proposed overlay districts.

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