​The Board of Commissioners adopted the plan at their meeting on March 15, 2004.

With the adoption of the Wake County Land Use Plan in 1997, the Board of Commissioners directed staff to complete area plans for Wake County.  The Wake County Land Use Plan consists of text and two maps: the General Classifications Map and the Land Use Classifications Map.

The area land use plan will replace the Land Use Classifications Map for the area covered by the plans. It will revise and expand adopted joint plans with municipalities, expand on the land use aspects of the water-supply watershed protection plan and create new plans where no joint plans have been adopted with municipalities or in non-urban areas. These area plans will re-evaluate the USA boundaries in terms of where municipal sewer will be extended. This new delineation will revise Short-Range and Long-Range USA boundaries.

These plans will have a long-term timeframe. Objectives include emphasizing the development of communities, encouraging development in and around municipalities, maintaining natural areas, historic sites, major wildlife corridors and potential parks and greenways, and coordination with transportation plans. These area plans will also address open space, scenic and transitional areas along highways, and recreation and leisure resources.

The Fuquay-Varina/Garner Area Land Use Plan will encourage growth close to municipalities and take advantage of existing and planned infrastructure, such as transportation, water and sewer facilities.  The Plan will also encourage higher densities and a wider range of land uses where existing and planned short-range community facilities and infrastructure can support them.

To view the Fuquay-Varina/Garner Area Land Use Plan maps, visit the Planning Maps page.


Fuquay Varina Garner Area Land Use Plan