Communities such as Amber Acres/Ashley Hills, Mallard Crossing, Rivers Ridge, Shotwell and Six Forks Crossroads, to name a few, are those communities which give the East Raleigh-Knightdale area its unique character. One of the goals of the land use planning effort is to maintain the "sense of place" where it already exists, and to create it where it does not now exist.

Adopted Goals for the East Raleigh-Knightdale Area Land Use Plan
In developing goal statements for the East Raleigh-Knightdale Area Land Use Plan, the planning committee relied on the adopted Wake County Land Use Plan's goals as the starting point for the Area Land Use Plan's goals. The Plan's goals form the basis for the development of more specific recommendations for guiding growth into the Short-Range Urban Services Areas that are adjacent to municipal jurisdictions (see Transitional Urban Development Policies, p.10). Furthermore, the goals encourage greater density and intensity of development at Activity Centers. In this way we hope to remedy the adverse impacts that sprawl-type development is having on our quality of life throughout the Triangle region, but especially in the East Raleigh-Knightdale study area. The adopted goals for the East Raleigh-Knightdale Area Land Use Plan follow:

  1. Guide quality growth throughout the East Raleigh-Knightdale area in cooperation with local governments.
  2. Encourage growth that will take advantage of existing and planned infrastructure so that municipalities are able to provide basic public services in accordance with their adopted plans.
  3. Focus compact development in mixed-use activity centers that include housing, commercial services and employment opportunities designed with convenient pedestrian and vehicular access from surrounding development areas.
  4. Protect the unique character of the East Raleigh-Knightdale area by conserving East Raleigh-Knightdale Area Land Use Plan 3 significant natural features, historic resources and the cultural heritage that collectively establish a sense of place.
  5. Ensure that the East Raleigh-Knightdale Area Land Use Plan takes advantage of, and reflects, the Capital Area's Transportation Plan.
  6. Support agriculture and forestry operations as viable land-use options.
  7. Encourage the interlocal coordination of stormwater resources and programs to ensure an efficient and cost-effective regional stormwater management system.

To view maps of the East Raleigh-Knightdale Area Land Use Plan, visit the Planning Maps page.

East Raleigh-Knightdale Area Land Use Plan