​Wake County Transportation

The number of drivers on Wake County roads has increased significantly since 1990, and by the end of 2007, nearly 706,000 vehicles were registered in the county.
One of the main sources of traffic is people commuting to and from work. As the population increases, more people need to commute to and from work. Although a number of transportation modes exist, such as driving, carpooling, public transportation, biking and walking, the most common choice for commuting to work is driving alone. This tendency has increased over time.

Wake County Transportation Statistics

2008 Registered vehicles: 632,647** (Jan.–Oct.)
2007 Commuters who drive alone: 84.5%*
2012 Mean travel time to work: 23.5 minutes*
2007 Commuters taking public transportation: 1.2%*
2007 Commuters carpooling: 10.3%*
2007 Commuters walking: 2.1%*
2007 Residents who worked from home: 26,071*
2007–08 April TT bus riders increased: 24.2%***
* 2007 U.S. Census Bureau
** Wake County Revenue Department
*** Triangle Transit