Housing Unit Estimates

Just as Wake County's population has grown tremendously over the last 25 years, so has its housing supply. Between 1980 and 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that Wake County added more than 145,000 housing units to its housing stock. As was the case with population growth, Wake County more than doubled its housing stock in only 20 years. By 2000, Wake County had 10 times more housing units than it had in 1940. The American Community Survey estimates that by 2012, Wake County had 381,356 housing units. 

Municipal Growth

Most of this increase was driven by municipal growth. The biggest areas, Raleigh and Cary, added the most new units, but the fastest growing areas were the small towns. Holly Springs increased its housing stock by nearly 1,000%. Morrisville, Knightdale and Apex also increased their housing supply by more than 200% each.

Wake County Housing Statistics:

2012 Housing units: 381,356*
2012 Average household size: 2.59 people/household*
2013 Residential property sold: 15,680 units, average price of $266,422**
*2012 American Community Survey- US Census
**Wake County Revenue Department