​Data is current through March 2014

Median Household Income

According to the American Community Survey 2012, median household income was $63,791 and the median family income was $81,712.


By 2012, the American Community Survey estimated that (11.6%) Wake County Residents were in poverty. Poverty numbers based on population within households.


In January 2014 Wake County had a labor force of 497,753 residents, of those 471,363 were employed.  26,390 residents were unemployed for a rate of 5.3%.
Labor force info is released monthly by the NC Employment Security Commission.

Wake County Economy Statistics

2012 Median family income: $81,712*
2012 Median household income: $63,791*
2012 Population below poverty line: 11.6%*
January 2014 Unemployment rate: 5.3%***
2012-13 Tax base components: 26% Commercial**; 74% Residential**
* 2012 U.S. Census Bureau
**Wake County Revenue Department
*** NC Employment Security Commission