Effective July 1, 2019

Dog & Cat Adoption Fees

All dogs and cats adopted from the Wake County Animal Center must be spayed or neutered prior to adoption. 
​Dog Adoption Fee ​$ 95
​Cat Adoption Fee (under 5 years of age) ​$ 45
Cat Adoption Fee (5 years of age and older) ​$ 15

Little Critters & Farm Animal Adoption Fees

The adoption fees for other animals vary according to their species.
​Small Bird ​$ 10
​Large Bird ​$ 50
​Ferret ​$ 45
​Guinea Pig ​$ 15
​Reptile ​$ 30
​Rodent ​$ 10
​Rabbit ​$ 20
Amphibian​ ​$ 5
​Chicken ​$ 5
​Chinchilla ​$ 45
​Hedgehog ​$ 45
​Farm Animal – Small (pig, sheep, goat) ​$ 25
​Farm Animal – Large (cow, llama, alpaca) ​$ 100
​Horse ​$ 500

Animal Reclaim Fees

When an owner picks up, or reclaims , his or her animal from the Wake County Animal Center, reclaim and boarding fees are charged.  Reclaim fees do not apply if the pet was held on a 10-day bite quarantine or being held under protective custody (boarding fees will apply under these circumstances).  **NOTE:  All fees are due prior to release of animal**
If your animal has been spayed or neutered (YOU MUST BRING PROOF with you at time of reclaim), the following charges apply:
​1st Reclaim (Dog/Cat) ​$ 55
​2nd Reclaim (Dog/Cat) ​$ 80
​3rd Reclaim (Dog/Cat)



If your animal is not spayed or neutered, or you do not have proof with you at the time of reclaim, the following charges apply:
​1st Reclaim (Dog/Cat) ​$ 105
​2nd Reclaim (Dog/Cat) ​$ 155
​3rd Reclaim (Dog/Cat) ​$ 305
NOTE:  As a way to promote Responsible Pet Ownership, if your pet is unaltered at the time of reclaim and you have your pet spayed or neutered within 30 days of reclaim, Wake County will reimburse you a percentage of your reclaim fee (upon receipt of proof of spay or neuter by your veterinarian).

Other Animal Reclaim Fees

Little critters                                                                                                           $25

Farm Animal – Small                                                                                             $25

Farm Animal – Large (transportation fee calculated at cost)                     $50 + transportation fee

Horse (transportation fee calculated at cost)                                                $50 + transportation fee

If your pet is microchipped and your contact information is up to date, the first reclaim will be discounted – this applies to the first reclaim only.

Animal Boarding Fees

When animals are reclaimed by their owners after being held by the Wake County Animal Center, due to being stray, quarantined, under protective custody, or any other reason to be held, the owner will be responsible for the daily boarding fee for each day their pet is held. 
​Dog Boarding Fees ​$ 10 / day
​Cat Boarding Fees ​$ 10 / day
​Little Critters (rabbit, rodent, ferret, etc.) ​$ 6 / day
​Farm Animals* / Chickens (boarded on site at the WCAC) ​$10 / day
     *Farm animals that must be housed off site due to size or species requirements will be charged the daily boarding rate assessed by the off site facility.                 
Animal Control Fines

Fines are imposed when the Wake County Animal Control Ordinance is violated. An animal found at large is in violation of the Ordinance and may be picked up by an animal control officer. For those found running at large and therefore in violation of Wake County Animal Control Ordinance Section 91.07, a citation will be issued and fines charged. 

​1st Offense – Running at Large ​$ 100
​2nd Offense – Running at Large ​$ 150
​3rd and Subsequent Offenses – Running at Large ​$ 200