The New Hope Placement Partners Program

The Wake County Animal Care, Control & Adoption Center is proud to partner with animal rescue organizations participating in the County's New Hope Placement Partners Program. The Animal Center transfers ownership of the shelter animal to a partnering rescue group. The rescue group then works to place the animal into their forever home. Many rescue groups, if they don't maintain a sheltering facility, have a network of dedicated individuals who serve as foster families until the animal is adopted.

The Wake County Animal Center waives the adoption fee for the participating rescue groups and only charges for the cost of any services rendered such as vaccinations and microchipping.

When the Animal Center transfers an animal to a rescue group, that animal is given a chance to be adopted. Additionally, the space that would have been occupied by that animal is then made available to another, giving more animals "new hope." By working with the New Hope Placement Partners and through the County's network of animal foster program homes, more shelter animals are able to find loving homes.

Looking for a pet?

We ask that you visit the County's Animal Center [driving directions] and check with the following New Hope Placement Partners Program members. The Animal Center or one of the partnering rescue groups may have the perfect pet for you.

Partnering Not-for-Profit Shelters (listed alphabetically):

Shelter Breed Focus Website
Animal Protection Society of Person County
All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Cat Angels Pet Adoptions All Breeds – Cat
Paws4Ever All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Safe Haven for Cats All Breeds – Cat
Second Chance Pet Adoption All Breeds – Dog & Cat
SPCA of Wake County All Breeds – Dog & Cat

Partnering Rescue Groups (listed alphabetically):

Rescue Group Breed Focus Website
2 Paws Up All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Adopt-A-Spot Dalmatian Rescue, Inc. Dalmatian
Akita Rescue – Mid Atlantic Coast Akita
All breed Animal Rescue of the Carolinas All Breeds – Dog
American Bouvier Rescue League Bouvier
American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
A New Leash on Life All Breeds – Dog
Animall All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Annabelle's Second Chance Pit Bull Rescue Pit Bull
Annie's Rescued Friends Cocker Spaniel – no site listed –
ARC Border Collie Rescue Border Collie
Atlantic Rottweiler Rescue Rottweilers & Pit Bulls
Australian Shepherd Rescue and Placement Helpline Australian Shepherd
Bandit's Adoption And Rescue of K-9s (BARK) All Breeds – Dog
Basenji Rescue And Transport Basenji
Best Buddies Companion Animal Rescue & Adoption All Breeds – Dog
Best Friend Pet Adoption All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Blue Ridge Border Collie Rescue Border Collie
Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Boxer
Boston Terrier Rescue of NC Boston Terrier
Bunny Matters Rabbits
Cairn Rescue USA Cairn Terriers
Camp Canines, Camp Rescue All Breeds – Dog
Cape Fear House Rabbit Society Rabbits
Cape Fear Rescue Rangers All Breeds – Dog, Cat & Horses
C.A.R.E. For Animals All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Basset Hound
Carolina Border Collie Rescue Border Collie
Carolina Boxer Rescue Boxer
Carolina Brittany Rescue Brittany Spaniel or
Carolina Dal Pals Dalmatian
Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue Great Pyrenees
Carolina Pet Rescue Birds, Reptiles, Rodents & Rabbits
Carolina Poodle Rescue Poodle
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Relief & Rescue Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chihuahua Rescue & Transport Chihuahua
Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center American Cocker Spaniel
Collie Rescue of the Carolinas Collie
Crest-Care Chinese Crested
Dachshund Rescue of North America Dachshund
Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia Dalmatian
Diabetic Cats In Need Diabetic Cats
Doberman Rescue of NC Doberman Pinscher
Doberman Rescue of the TRIAD Doberman Pinscher
Dolly Watson Border Collie Rescue Border Collie – no site listed –
English Springer Rescue Carolina English Springer Spaniel
Feral Cats Friends All Breeds – Cat
Fugee's Rescue Pit Bull & American Staffordshire Terrier
FurEver Friends Animal Rescue Network Cats
German Shepherd Rescue & Adoption German Shepherd
Great Dane Rescue of The Carolinas Great Dane
Green Level Kennel Rescue All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Haley's Friends Pet Adoption All Breeds – Dog & Cat – no site listed –
Happy Hill Animal Foundation, Inc. All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Harold's Guardian Angels All Breeds – Dog & Rabbit – no site listed -
Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team (HEART) All Breeds – Dog & Cat
​Hope Animal Rescue ​All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Horse Protection Society of NC Horses
Horsetail Ponds Rescue Herding Dogs – no site listed –
Independent Animal Rescue All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Internet Miniature Pinscher Service Miniature Pinscher
Japanese Chin Care and Rescue Efforts Japanese Chin
K9 Buddies, Inc. Cell Dogs Programs All Breeds – Dogs
Kindernook Farm Animal Rescue All Breeds – Dog – no site listed –
Lab Rescue of NC Labradors
​Lucky Labs ​Labradors
Maine Coon Rescue Maine Coon
Mid-Atlantic Chinese Shar-pei Rescue Operation Shar-Pei
Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue Great Dane
Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue Pug
NC Boxer Rescue Boxer
NC Schnauzer Rescue Schnauzer
NC St. Bernard Rescue Saint Bernard
NC Yorkie Rescue Yorkshire Terrier
Neuse River Golden Retriever Rescue Golden Retriever
New England Brittany Rescue Brittany Spaniel
Northcentral Maltese Rescue Maltese
On the Rebound Bulldog Rescue Bulldog
Palisades Animal Rescue All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Paw-Fect Match Rescue All Breeds – Dog
Paw Prints Rescue All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Paws 4 Rescue New England All Breeds – Dogs
Peppertree Rescue, Inc. Golden Retriever and German Shepherd
Pets & People Foundation, Inc. All Breeds – Small breed dogs & Cats – no site listed –
Pig Pals of NC Pot Bellied Pigs
Ratbone Rescue Rat Terrier
RUFF Rescue All Breeds – Dog and Cat
ReFURbished Canine Rescue All Breeds – Dog
Richmond Boxer Rescue Boxer
Rohe Animal Rescue All Breeds – Dog & Cat
Ruff Love Foster Care and Dog Rescue All Breeds – Dog
Russell Rescue Jack Russell Terrier
Saving Grace Animals For Adoption All Breeds – Dog, Cats & Pocket Pets
Siamese Cat Rescue Center Siamese Cat
Smoky Mountain Bulldog Club Bulldog – no site listed –
Snowflake Animal Rescue Foundation All Breeds – Dog & Cat
SOSharpei, Inc. Shar-pei
Sound Pet Animal Rescue & Referral All Breeds – Dog
Southeast Bloodhound Rescue Bloodhound
Southern Siberian Rescue Siberian Husky
Southern States Mastiff Rescue Mastiff
S'Wheat Rescue Wheaten Terrier
Tarheel Weimaraner Club Weimaraner
The Chi Society of CT Chihuahua
Triangle Greyhound Society Greyhound
Triangle Sheltie Rescue Sheltie
TriBeagle Beagles
Whippet Rescue & Placement Whippets


Want to Join the Program?

If you are a 501(c)(3) animal rescue organization interested in joining the County's New Hope Placement Partners Program, please contact Joanne Duda via e-mail,, or phone 919-250-4474.