​What should I do if I find injured wildlife?

Be cautious as injured animals will often be more aggressive when approached. You should contact a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for assistance.

Will you trap and remove wildlife from my property?

No, Wake County Animal Control is not authorized to provide wildlife removal services. By State law, no wild animal may be trapped, except for regulated species during the regular trapping season by licensed trappers, with a depredation permit. A depredation permit is a permit to take wild animals that are causing significant property damage. The permit can be issued to the property owner by a Wildlife Damage Control Agent of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission provides contact information for local licensed trappers, or they may be found using the telephone book.

If the animal appears sick or is aggressive, will you trap and remove it from my property?

Yes, Wake County Animal Control can remove an animal showing obvious signs of sickness or unprovoked aggression as these may be indicators of the rabies virus.

How do I get rid of nuisance or destructive animals?

The best answer is prevention. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission provides technical assistance to deter the presence of Canada geese and deer. The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management provide techniques and suggestions for protecting animals, crops and property from wildlife.

Will you pick up a dead animal?

No, Wake County does not provide animal carcass removal. The North Carolina Department of Transportation will remove dead animals from along State roads and highways – call 919-733-4768. If the animal is along a city- or town-maintained road, contact that municipality's street division for assistance. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission will pick up an injured or dead black bear – call 800-662-7137.