While you may never have thought to associate Valentine’s Day with pet hazards, animals love to explore with their mouths and make playthings out of everything. Here are tips to keep your furry ones safe. Pet precautions should be taken. Pets, like kids, love to get into forbidden goodies. Unfortunately, pets raiding the chocolate supply can face needless suffering or even death.
Chocolate is toxic to animals, and if enough is ingested it can create complications. Symptoms from chocolate ingestion include hyperactivity, tremors, racing heartbeat and seizures. Damage to the liver can also occur. It is risky to leave boxes of candy out in your home. As little as four ounces is enough to kill a 10-pound pet.
As for flowers, many varieties of lilies are highly toxic to cats; so if flowers are your choice, make sure your cats can’t get near them. Other potentially poisonous flowers include tulips, amaryllis, daisies, chrysanthemums and baby’s breath.
Candlelit dinners are about as high on the romance scale as you can get, but please don’t leave the room while flames are still burning. Many pets, particularly kittens, are very curious and are attracted to flames and could get burned or even knock over candles. Let curious paws find safer things to play with.
Other hazards to be aware of include alcoholic beverages, cellophane, ribbons and balloons. These can be ingested and cause complications to your pets. Keep seasonal items out of the reach of our four-legged friends.