​Identification is key to ensuring you can be reunited with your pets after a disaster.

ID Tags

All dogs should have ID tags securely attached to their collars. The tags can be attached by rings, riveted on the collar directly or embroidered onto the collar. The ID tag should have the dog's name, address and phone number (preferably a cell phone number). If your cat will keep a collar on, they should have an ID tag, as well.

If you have small critters that live in cages, you can attach an ID tag to their cage.


All dogs and cats should be microchipped. Even if your pet loses its collar, the microchip will be there to provide your information. The key to making sure you and your microchipped pet are reunited is keeping your contact information updated and providing additional contacts.

Temporary Options

If you need to identify your pet quickly, you can attach a plastic snack bag with your information inside taped to their collar. You can also put a temporary neck band on your pet with your information written on it. Make sure the band is pet safe.

Please note that you should not rely on these temporary options. All pets should be microchipped (if the option is available for your species of animal).