The holiday season and cold weather pose hazards for your four-legged friends; learn what you can do to help keep them safe.
The most common Thanksgiving hazard for pets is eating turkey and other foods they're not used to. The sudden change in diet may cause digestive problems. Beware poultry bones, which can splinter and could be fatal. Keep bones out of the reach of pets.
When changing or adding antifreeze to your vehicle, be careful of spills. Animals love the sweet flavor of antifreeze, but it is extremely poisonous and kills within 2–3 days if not treated immediately. If you spill antifreeze, soak it up with kitty litter then dispose of it appropriately.
During deer hunting season, keep your dogs close to home. In the woods, hunters may mistake them for a deer and shoot them. Also, if your pet eats from a deer carcass, the raw meat may cause gastrointestinal problems.
Keep outdoor pets warm during cold weather with proper bedding, shelter and access to fresh, clean, thawed water. Check for cats under the hood of cars. Honk your horn or bang on the hood on cold mornings to scare out any snoozing cats.
By taking a few precautions, you can ensure that the Thanksgiving holiday and fall season will be an enjoyable, safe time of the year for your pets.