Prices provided are subject to change. Please consult clinics for up-to-date information on pricing and availability.
Many clinics offer other services (at additional cost) while the animal is in for surgery, such as initial vaccinations (rabies, distemper, etc.), testing (FIV/Felv, heartworm, etc.) and microchips. There may be additional fees, such as for pain management, the pet's weight, health, age, reproductive status, etc.
Dog spay/neuter starting at $125  |  Cat spay/neuter $80


  Voucher program
Cat spay/neuter $5  | Pit bulls $25
Clinic for cats and small dogs (4–15 lbs) $85
Voucher program and clinic
Dog spay $105–165; neuter $95–150  |  Cat spay $70; neuter $60; feral $50
Vouchers: Dog spay $76; neuter $57  |  Cat spay $56; neuter $46

919-783-7627  |  919-553-1705
Dog spay/neuter starting at $125  |  Cat spay $85; neuter $75
  800-321-PETS (7387)
Voucher program
Dog spay $110; neuter $74  |  Cat spay $85; neuter $61 
Voucher program
Cat spay/neuter $60 (fee assistance available for low-income owners)

  For Feral (Unowned) Cats:
Operation Catnip in Raleigh
Free clinic (call for appointment)
$50 voucher program
Information provided by Wake County Animal Care, Control and Adoption Center. Wake County does not in any way endorse one veterinary clinic over another. Contact us at 919-212-7387 (PETS).