Yates Mill waterfall

Until we can gather again in person, the staff of Historic Yates Mill County Park is excited to be offering engaging online programs and virtual field trips. Schools and other organized groups can get an interactive, educational experience from the safety and comfort of their own homes, while a variety of online activities is available to everyone through our Parks from Home webpages, such as audio podcasts, instructional videos and activity sheets.

Yates Mill's educational programming offers opportunities for students to learn about important parts of North Carolina's unique cultural, environmental and agricultural history. Our educators lead engaging and interactive virtual presentations to immerse your students in Wake County's fascinating history.

Looking for self-guided activities? Check out our Yates Mill from Home Webpage.

Elementary School Programs

Mill Power and Simple Machines

Yates Mill wide-angle photo

This program explores basic engineering aspects of our historic mill and the systems of complex machines that make it work. Students will learn how basic, simple machines help improve their daily lives, what types of machines are incorporated into everyday objects, and how they work together to help power the 200-year-old grist mill here at Historic Yates Mill County Park! Take a peek inside the mill and explore together through our packet of educational activities.

This program is best for 3rd–7th-grade students.

Educational standards met:

  • 3rd Grade: 3.P.1.1; 3.P.1.2; 3.P.1.3; 3.P.3.1
  • 5th Grade: 5.P.1.1; 5.P.1.4
  • 7th Grade: 7.P.1.2; 7.P.2.1; 7.P.2.2; 7.P.2.4

Planning Your Virtual Visit

Our virtual field trips include both Online Park Explorer Packs through Google Slides and live, Yates Mill educator-led presentations. Staff plan to develop a variety of Explorer Pack options over time but currently have the first one available on “Mill Power” and simple machines. This pack is available in Google Classroom-ready format, which educators can embed into their own online classes, and includes diverse, theme-based activities such as audio recordings and videos, interactive diagrams and activity sheets, among others.

Mill Power Pack cover

A live, 30-minute Q&A interview with an educator can be provided upon request.

Our staff-led, online, interactive sessions can be conducted using either Zoom or Google Meet. These sessions last about 30 minutes and are designed to complement the Online Park Explorer Packs. Students will need internet access and either a computer, tablet or phone to join the presentation.

The Mill Power half-hour session focuses on Yates Mill's basic history and operations and its business and social significance to the community. The session includes an interactive activity on simple machines and time at the end for students to ask questions of the presenter.

There is no fee for virtual field trips. We recommend scheduling one program session per class, and we can offer multiple dates, times and program sessions to best fit your needs.

All virtual field trips must be scheduled in advance. Interested groups of 10 people or more are encouraged to contact Park Technician Jack Singley at jack.singley@wakegov.com or to call 919-856-5638 with any questions, to receive the link to the online Park Explorer Pack, and/or to schedule your virtual field trip.