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Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space (PROS) encourages the use of its parks for recreational, publicity and commercial photography. The Division shall, as far as possible and according to the terms of this policy, cooperate with the public, corporations and others who desire to use County park land and facilities for photography and filming purposes.

Professional photography is defined as including all or one of the following:

  1. The activity takes place at location(s) where or when members of the public are generally not allowed.
  2. The activity uses model(s), sets, or prop(s) that are not a part of the parks' natural or cultural resources and/or facilities.
  3. The park may incur additional administrative costs to monitor the activity.
    Commercial photo/filming is defined as capturing a moving image on film and/or video, as well as sound recordings.


Where are you allowed to go around the historic mill?

View a map of the mill area here.


General Guidelines

  1. Photographer and clients will stay out of all restricted areas; please see attachment for Park Site Restriction information.
  2. Photographer and clients will conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner.
    1. Lewd or lascivious behavior, including language or photographs, is prohibited.
    2. Park staff has the authority to expel photographers and/or their clients from the park if the actions of the photographers and/or clients are deemed improper by park staff.
  3. Photographer and clients will not impede normal park operations and programming.
    1. The party is not permitted to disrupt park visitors or staff.
    2. No associated equipment for a photo shoot is permitted in any indoor buildings or allowed to block visitor entrances and pathways.
  4. No special consideration shall be given (golf carts, security, use of prohibited park equipment, etc.)
    1. No power or electrical power will be provided by Wake County Parks for the purposes of film, video or photography projects.
  5. Photographer and clients will only use the park during regular park hours.
  6. Photographer and clients will not disturb any natural or man-made park features; for example:
    1. Vegetation and wildlife will not be disturbed or removed.
    2. Decorations used must have prior approval by park management.
    3. Signage will not be used.
  7. Photographer is responsible for familiarizing themselves, and informing all of their clients, of all park rules and regulations, and then to adhere to them when at the park.
  8. Wake County reserves the right to have full/correct name of location of photo taken in documentation.
  9. Wake County reserves the right to prohibit any projects which are not in the best interest of the County.
  10. Each Wake County Park reserves the right to establish a permitting process to manage level of photographer impact.

Commercial Photography

Any professional photography or photography/filming for commercials, such as sales of products and political advertising, movies, video and television productions, shall be subject to the conditions set by Wake County.

Photographer should notify park staff in advance of planned use.
  1. It is advised that photographer use the park when other park functions are not in progress.
  2. Please make arrangements for a photo shoot for commercials, film, etc.
A Park Use Agreement will be initiated by park management and used to confirm session. Photographer must show proof of Liability Insurance and will take responsibility for clients at all times while using the park. Photographer will be held liable for any damage to the park caused by themselves or their clients.

Fee Schedule for General and Commercial Photography

Wake County PROS reserves the right to bill for fees associated with photography sessions. Please refer to the event policy document for this fee structure (contact the park at 919-856-6675 to request this document be sent to you).
Donations are welcomed and encouraged to continue maintenance of these facilities.

Park Site Restrictions

Photos cannot be taken:
  1. Under the mill
  2. On or near the mill dam
  3. Beyond the wooden arm located near the waterwheel
  4. At least 20 feet from the waterwheel
  5. On any areas that have restricted access signs or chains.


This page contains the photo policies for all Wake County Parks.

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