Wake County’s parks and preserves provide the perfect backdrop for your bridal, graduation, prom or family photos. To ensure that all park visitors have an enjoyable experience, registration is required for professional, client-based photo shoots.

Registration Process

(as of Jan. 1, 2019):

All photographers conducting client-based photography must register online and obtain a permit reserving a date and time before starting their photo shoot. Registration is free.

Through the online registration process you must agree to abide by all park rules (see below). Once you register and obtain your permit, please print your permit and keep it with you when you come to the park. While you will not need to check in with staff, you might be asked by park staff to show proof of permit. Failure to furnish a permit will result in being asked to end the photo shoot.

Registration FAQs


Park Rules

Please review our Photography/Film Policy.

In addition to these general rules, the following restrictions are in place at our individual parks. Check each park’s website for further information.

  • Blue Jay Point County Park
    No photography at the Overnight Lodge (including decks, walkways, fire pit area around overnight facility) without prior approval.

  • Historic Yates Mill County Park
    Photography is prohibited:
    • Under the mill.
    • On the mill dam beyond the south side abutment (i.e., spillway “bump-up”).
    • Beyond the wooden arm located near the waterwheel.
    • At least 20 feet from the waterwheel on the south side of the creek.

  • Historic Oak View County Park
    • No cameras/equipment/photography in the interior of any buildings.
    • Do not enter any animal pen or send subjects into any animal pen.
    • Do not climb any trees or have subjects pose in any trees.
    • Do not block paths or entrances to buildings with cameras, equipment or subjects.

  • Harris Lake County Park
    Photography is prohibited:
    • In the Duke Energy Progress Exclusion Zone.
    • In specific area during forest management practices (i.e., prescribed burning).

  • Lake Crabtree County Park
    Photography is prohibited:
    • At the outflow structure.
    • At the marsh area west of Aviation Parkway.

  • Crowder County Park
    There are no special restrictions at this time.

  • American Tobacco Trail
    • Photographers and subjects must remain on trail surface and trail property.
    • The policy only covers the Wake County portion of the American Tobacco Trail.

  • Green Hills County Park
    There are no special restrictions at this time.