What is the Partnership Grant Program?

The goal of Wake County's Open Space Program is to work in partnership with willing municipalities, nonprofit organizations and individual property owners to protect remaining open space in the county.

The Partnership Grant Program was created to streamline protection of open spaces that are not located within the county's 11 priority acquisition corridors.

County policy states that protection of any property that lies outside of one of the county's 11 acquisition corridors must be funded as a partnership effort. The County will provide a 50% funding match to any partner who wants to collaboratively pursue land protection outside the 11 priority stream corridors. 

How does the Partnership Grant Program operate?

The Partnership Grant Program operates on a case-by-case basis. Usually, a landowner or organization interested in protecting a piece of land as open space will contact County staff and will engage in a pre-proposal discussion regarding whether or not this property will help the Open Space Program meet its goals.

During the pre-proposal discussion, if County staff and the interested party agree that purchase of the particular property or easement will help the Open Space Program meet its goals, then a project proposal must be created.

If you are an individual landowner...

If an individual landowner is interested in participating in the Partnership Grant Program, they should first contact the Open Space Program Office. Open Space Program staff will work with individuals on a one-on-one basis.

If you are an organization or municipality...

If an organization or municipality is interested in participating in the partnership grant program and receiving matching funds to purchase property, then they must complete a project proposal form and provide necessary supplementary materials such as maps and property analysis documentation.

View a printable version of the Partnership Grant Program Proposal Form.

Proposals are accepted on a year-round basis. After the project proposal has been written, then County staff submit the proposal to LARC and OSAPAC for review and approval.

Favorable proposals are then presented to the Wake County Board of Commissioners (BOC), which votes to either approve or reject the proposed acquisition. If the BOC approves expending County funds, then a series of legal and financial transactions are undertaken that include signing a legal agreement and exchanging funds.