​How Can You Contribute to Wake County's Open Space Program?

1) Stay Informed
A first step to contributing to any initiative is learning about it and being able to communicate its goals and objectives to other people. Reading the documents on this website, such as the Consolidated Open Space Plan (COSP), is a good place to begin supporting the Open Space Program.

2) Educate Others
One very helpful activity you can get involved with is simply to help spread the word about the value of open space. Print and distribute copies of the Open Space Program's brochure. If you don't speak up, who will? Let your elected representatives know how important it is to you.

3) Make a Land Sale or Donation
Perhaps you have some land or a portion of a lot you cannot use and wish to donate it for open space preservation. If it is in Wake County's jurisdiction, our staff will examine it based on its potential value as open space. Contact us for more information.

4) Consider a Conservation Easement
When you own land, you not only own the ground itself but also a "bundle of rights" that governs what you can and cannot do with your property. A conservation easement is simply a legal document that transfers some of those rights to the entity holding the easement. By granting a conservation easement, you pass on stewardship of the land to another entity, thereby agreeing to give up some of the "rights" in your bundle. Contact us for more information.

5) Get Involved with a Local Land Trust
There are nonprofit agencies in the Triangle whose mission is to purchase and preserve open lands. You can volunteer or send a tax-deductible financial contribution to one or more of these organizations. Contact the Conservation Trust for North Carolina for more information at 919-828-4199.