Are you a professional or amateur photographer interested in taking photos at Historic Oak View County Park?

We understand that Oak View is a great location for a photo shoot. In order to make it an enjoyable experience for the photographer and their clients, as well as our other park patrons, please keep in mind that our park is a public park and may not be reserved.

New Registration Process (beginning Sept. 1, 2018):

Due to increasing use of the property for photo shoots we have revised our photography guidelines and procedures. All photographers conducting client-based photography must register online and obtain a permit reserving a date and time before starting their photo shoot. Registration is free.

With the start of this new policy on Sept. 1, 2018, the old paper lanyards will no longer be valid and all registration must be done online.

Through the online registration process you must agree to abide by all park rules. A copy of the rules will be available for you to review online, and you can also find them listed below. Once you register and obtain your permit, please print your permit and keep it with you when you come to the park. While you will not need to check in with staff, you might be asked by park staff to show proof of permit. Failure to furnish a permit will result in being asked to end the photo shoot.




Please respect all the park rules, as well as this list of rules that we ask photographers and their clients to follow. Please review our Photography/Film Policy, which includes the following critical information: 

  • Photographer and clients/subjects will stay out of all restricted areas (including animal pens, interior of any buildings, trees). Please do not block, obstruct, or close any building entrances or doors.
  • Photographer and clients will conduct themselves in a proper and professional manner.
    • Lewd or lascivious behavior including language or photographs is prohibited.
    • Park staff has the authority to expel photographers and/or their clients from the park if the actions of the photographers and/or clients are deemed improper by park staff.
  • Photographer and clients will not impede normal park operations and programming. Programming occurs most weekdays between 10 a.m. and noon.
    • The party is not allowed to disrupt park visitors or staff.
    • No associated equipment for a photo shoot is permitted in any indoor buildings or allowed to block visitor entrances or pathways.
  • No special consideration shall be given (golf carts, security, use of park equipment, etc.)
    • No power or electrical power will be provided by Wake County Parks for the purposes of film, video, or photography projects.
  • Photographer and clients will only use the park during regular park hours.
  • Photographer and clients will not disturb any natural or man-made park features, for example:
    • Vegetation and wildlife will not be disturbed or removed. This includes the food for our goats or straw bales in the barn.
    • Decorations used must have prior approval by park management.
    • Signage will not be used.
    • Balloons, glitter, or confetti must not be brought to the park as they are a possible hazard to nature and wildlife. 
  • Photographer is responsible for familiarizing themselves and informing their clients of all park rules and regulations.
  • Wake County reserves the right to prohibit any projects which are not in the best interest of the County.


Though there is no set fee structure for general photography, donations are welcome and encouraged to continue maintenance of park facilities. Donations can be made online.

Special Events:

We do have special events throughout the year, so please check our calendar to see if the date you have in mind for a photo shoot coincides with a park special event, which might draw thousands of extra visitors to the park. If you choose to come on a day during a special event, please know that photographers and/or their clients may be asked to park in a different location and might not have access to all areas of the park grounds.

If you have any questions about our policy or would like to know more about our park schedule, please call our main park line at 919-250-1013.