Meet the Goats! 

Visiting the goats is always a popular activity for guests at Historic Oak View County Park. The goats love the attention doled out to them by the staff, school children, and other visitors to the park, especially if that attention means snacks! On most days you can find them grazing in the corral behind the tenant house. They’re not too fond of rain, though, so on rainy days you can visit them in the livestock barn.
The first goats arrived at Historic Oak View in 2001. Since then, several Nubian goats have called Oak View their home, amusing staff and guests with their unique personalities. 


In March 2014, Oak View's veterinarian notified us that there was an 8-year-old Nubian goat in need of a new home. Goats are very social animals. His twin brother had passed away suddenly, so he was very lonely and wasn’t eating. Staff agreed to take him on a trial basis. We call him Walt, and he arrived at Oak View on March 12. Walt soon fit right in with the others. In fact, he loves any and all attention that visitors will give him!
                                                       11-year-old Walt, 2017

 Elliot and Levi

                                     Elliot and Levi sitting together
In August 2015, Oak View gained two new goat family members. Elliot and Levi were brought to Oak View at the young ages of 4 and 5 months old, from a farm close to Fayetteville. Although they are brothers, they have two distinctive personalities!      


Elliot and Levi, 2016       

Leroy and Felix

In April 2017, Oak View's herd grew by a little bit more. Leroy and Felix arrived when they were both around 3 months old, from a farm outside of Winston-Salem. Both Leroy and Felix are Mini-Nubian goats, which means when they are fully grown they will be a little bit smaller than the other Nubian goats at Oak View. 
Leroy and Felix, 2017 


You can learn more about our goats by reading the Oak View Goat FAQs.

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Interested in Nubian goats? The website of the International Nubian Breeders Association has more information about Nubian goats and their history.