Historic Oak View County Park has had Nubian goats since 2001.

The first two were Napoleon and Cicero (pictured below), adopted by Oak View on May 11, 2001, when Napoleon was 27 months old and Cicero was 15 months old. Half-brothers, they lived together happily at Oak View, entertaining countless visitors with their silly humor for 4 years until Cicero passed away on October 27, 2005, due to complications from a bladder infection. He was only 5-1/2 years old.

napoleon - color.jpg_Cicero.jpg

Goats are very social animals, so in order to keep Napoleon company in the barn, Oak View borrowed two baby pigmy goats from a park volunteer who had a farm until staff could arrange to adopt two baby Nubians, Quint and Boyd, who arrived at Oak View on November 30, 2005 (pictured below, left). They were both 6 months old and quite adorable. The three lived happily together until April 11, 2011, when Napoleon passed away at 12 years old. Quint and Boyd now had the sole responsibility of entertaining visitors and school children, and they rose to the challenge!

three happy goats.jpgBoyd and Quint_2013.10.25_cropped_small.jpg

On March 10, 2014, Oak View's veterinarian notified us that there was an 8-year-old Nubian goat in need of a new home. His twin brother had passed away suddenly and he was very lonely and had stopped eating. Staff agreed to take him on a trial basis and he arrived at Oak View on March 12. We called him Walt, and he soon fit right in with the others. In fact, he loves any and all attention that visitors will give him.




Clockwise from top left: Boyd, Quint, Walt.

In August of 2015, Oak View gained two new goat family members. Eliot and Levy were brought to Oak View at the young ages of four months and five months old. So far they have fit right in and clearly love the attention that baby goats are bound to get. We look forward to seeing them grow, mature, and greet visitors with a friendly face for years to come. 




You can learn more about our goats by reading the Oak View Goat FAQs.

The website of the International Nubian Breeders Association has more information about Nubian goats and their history.