Since 2001, Oak View has been home to various Nubian goats. Each holds a place in our hearts.
Cicero and Napoleon together_goats of past.jpg
Cicero (Left):
February 2000-October 2005 
Napoleon (Right):
February 1999-April 2011

Half-brothers Napoleon and Cicero were the first goats adopted by Oak View in May 2001. Cicero passed away at 5-1/2 years old due to complications from a bladder infection, and Napoleon passed from old age a few years later.


Boyd and Quint_web.jpg


 Quint (Right): May 2005-October 2015
Boyd (Left): May 2005-July 2017
Quint and Boyd first came to Oak View in November 2005 to keep Napoleon company after Cicero had passed. Quint passed of old age at 10 years old, and Boyd passed of old age at 12 years old.