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​Exhibits on Display at Historic Oak View

Permanent Exhibits
There are a number of permanent exhibits at Oak View. Visit the Cotton Gin House to learn about cotton farming, visit the Farm History Center for an overview about NC farming, and be sure to visit the Plank Kitchen to see how cooking was done a century ago.
Temporary Exhibits

In Search of a New Deal: Images of North Carolina, 1935–1941

February 1, 2014–June 8, 2014
Monday–Saturday: 8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.; Sunday: 1–5 p.m.Tobacco Farmer.jpg
Historic Oak View County Park is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibit In Search of a New Deal: Images of NC, 1935–1941 on January 31, 2014. This opening marks the 10-year anniversary of the original creation of the exhibit by the staff at Historic Oak View. "In Search of a New Deal" has spent the past 10 years traveling the state in various museums and libraries and has finally returned home.

This exhibit explores the people of North Carolina during the Great Depression. Using exclusively pictures taken by the Farm Security Administration in North Carolina, this exhibit showcases North Carolina during one of its most difficult eras. Taken to support the Roosevelt Administration's New Deal practices, the FSA photographs illuminate the lives and hardships of North Carolinians. While most people's concept of the Great Depression is probably of the bread lines in the cities or Wall Street crashing, few groups were hit quite as hard as the farmers. A heavily rural state, North Carolina struggled mightily to sustain its economy while hard-pressed farmers fought to hold onto their land and families. This exhibit seeks to bring to light a better understanding of those who lived, worked and strove to survive during the Great Depression.
Bustin Middlins.jpgThe 10th-anniversary display of the exhibit will be divided into two, 9-week sessions, with 25 historic photos displayed at each time. The second half will open on April 5 and run through June 8, 2014.
There are a variety of events and programs planned in conjunction with In Search of a New Deal.


Traveling exhibits available for loan

Explore North Carolina history through two traveling exhibits from
Historic Oak View County Park!
  • Ideal for small or medium museums, galleries and libraries.
  • Affordable! (Borrowing institution simply covers shipping/transportation costs!)
  • Flexible loan periods available!
In Search of a New Deal: Images of North Carolina, 1935–1941*
Created by Historic Oak View County Park staff in 2004, "In Search of A New Deal" is an extraordinary exhibit featuring 50 of the most significant documentary photographs ever produced. In vivid detail and striking black-and-white contrast, it magnificently displays images of the Great Depression in North Carolina.
*This exhibit will be unavailable until July 2014, as it will be on display at Historic Oak View!
The Rhythm of the Factory: Life and Labor in North Carolina's Textile Mill Communities
Created by Historic Oak View County Park staff in 2006, "The Rhythm of the Factory" is a fascinating exhibit that vividly captures the unique aspects of life in textile mill communities. Learn how the mills influenced various facets of the workers' lives, discover the bonds that developed between neighbors, and explore the legacy that the textile mill communities have imprinted on North Carolina's rich history.
For more information, or to arrange to host a traveling exhibit at your institution, please contact Emily Catherman, Park Manager, at 919-212-7958 or by email at



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