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floodplain.jpgWhether you are a child or an adult, Lake Crabtree has a program for you! All scheduled programs have space limitations and, therefore, require registration prior to the program.

To register in person, by mail or fax, please download a copy of our Registration Form or call 919-460-3355 for more information.

​To register online, click on the registration buttons to the right of each program.

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Family Programs
(Everyone welcome)
Preregistration is required for all programs unless otherwise noted.  All participants must be registered.

Birding with Vernon
1st Saturday of each month (unless otherwise stated), 8:30–10 a.m.
November 4, December 2
FREE; No preregistration required

Meet at the Waterwise Garden (first parking lot on right)
Join our bird enthusiast, Vernon, for an easy walk while looking and listening for our feathered friends. Discover different types of birds and their habitats.​


Sunset Canoe Trip
Friday, November 17, 5-7 p.m.


Join staff for a sunset paddle around the lake. We will explore "bird island", Crabtree Creek and other areas in search of herons, beaver, and other wildlife. This program is for ages 8 and up. Each registration is for one canoe, and all participants must be listed. Each canoe is limited to two or three people (if three; one of the three must be a child). An adult is required in each canoe.
Intermediate Orienteering
Saturday, November 18, 1–4 p.m.
Leave your GPS at home and learn how to find your way using only a compass and a map. We will cover the basics of orienteering, including reading bearings, calculating your stride, and more. Use your new skills to navigate through the woods on our 1-mile orienteering course. Ages 7 and up.
Nature in Winter
Saturday, December 9, 2–4 p.m.
Hibernate, migrate, or adapt? Different life forms have various strategies for dealing with the lean months of winter. Discover how the animals of Lake Crabtree survive the darkest, coldest season. Ages 5 and up.
Adult Programs
(Adults only)
Beginner Birding Classes
What is the difference between birdwatching and birding? Birding with Vernon walk leader, Vernon Janke, will talk about the art of birding, and the tools and techniques you need to improve your birding skills. Discover why birding is one of the most popular outdoor activities, and use your new knowledge on a bird walk around the park.  Choose one of the dates below to register online.
Winter Waterfowl Workshop
Saturday, December 9, 9 a.m.-Noon 
Lake Crabtree is a birding hotspot, and a great place to observe both common and uncommon winter waterfowl. Learn how to identify various species by looking at field markings, behaviors, and more. We will spend a lot of time observing waterfowl on the lake, so dress warmly!
Discover nature, beginning with a story, followed by outdoor, hands-on nature exploration. Each program will end with a fun activity or craft to take home. Come prepared to actively participate with your child. First Wednesday of each month. Programs run from 1–2 p.m. at the Beech Shelter. Free. Preregistration is required. Ages 2–5.
"Raccoon at Clear Creek Road"
Wednesday, November 1, 1–2 p.m.
Learn the truth behind one of nature's most misunderstood mammals, the raccoon. Follow a raccoon on a journey to find food and keep her kits safe. After the story we will test our raccoon skills and make a craft to take home.



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These programs are open to students 6–12 years old. Each lesson meets at the Beech Shelter, unless otherwise noted. Parent/guardians are welcome to stay for the program or drop-off. Free. Preregistration is required. 


Fascinating Fungi
Thursday, October 26, 1–4 p.m.
Have you ever wondered why mushrooms seem to magically appear after it rains? Explore fairy rings, decomposition, mushroom diversity, and help track down and identify the fungi of Lake Crabtree.


Weather Wonders
Tuesday, November 7, 1–3 p.m.
The science of weather is called meteorology. This program investigates the basics of meteorology: what causes the weather, how meteorologists study it, and why it is important that they do! Students will go on a hike to collect some real world weather data and play Lake Crabtree's Weather Jeopardy game.



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Creepy Crabtree Celebration
Saturday, October 21, 2–6 p.m.
Mark your calendars! Our annual Halloween event, Creepy Crabtree, will return in October! This free, park-wide event will investigate the darker side of nature. Join the freakish festivities, featuring scary scavenger hunts, creepy crafts and gruesome games. Wear a costume if you like. Come anytime – no signup necessary.
                                                                              LCCP Adventure Backpack Bin image for website.jpg
Visit Lake Crabtree's Adventure Backpack Bin on the garden side of the manager's office for some educational fun! You can participate in a citizen science project, go on a scavenger hunt, or do some birdwatching! All of the information and tools you need are provided. Just show up anytime during park hours, sign out a backpack at the bin, and begin your adventure! Junior Naturalists can earn one Lake Crabtree credit by participating in one of the activities and answering the corresponding question sheet. Please be sure to take our short survey when you have completed your activity.


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