​​​Here you can find different activities created by park staff that will allow you to enjoy Harris Lake County Park from home! Please reach out if you have any questions about the resources created or any suggestions for future offerings.

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Staff chose their favorite books from our park library to read aloud!

Butternut Hollow Pond with Ms. Joanne

Experience an action-packed day in the life of creatures that live in and around a pond habitat with Butternut Hollow Pond, written by Brian J. Heinz and illustrated by Bob Marstall.

Watch the video here.

Butternut Hollow Pond storytime screen shot.png

Butternut Hollow Pond storytime.png
The Lorax with Ms. Rachel

Join park staff in our Longleaf Pine Management Area for a staff favorite, The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, to learn about the similarities between the Truffula tree and our native Longleaf Pine!

Watch the video here.

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Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy 
with Mrs. Christina

Face some fears alongside a cowboy as he sings any worries to sleep in Let's Sing a Lullaby with the Brave Cowboy, written by Jan Thomas. Meet one of Harris Lake County Park's educational critters that is commonly feared and misunderstood by many, but by the end you'll be able to say "Like 'em? We love 'em!"

Brave Cowboy storytime image.png


Backyard Buddies

Join Wake County park staff as we explore our backyards!

Use #MyBackyardBuddies on social media to share photos of what you see and check out what we're finding too. 

Use the following apps to help you identify wildlife: 
  • Seek by Inaturalist
  • Merlin Bird ID
  • INaturalist 
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Harris Lake Mobile Tours

Though our park facilities are closed, our grounds and trails remain open. We have recently developed three interpretive cell phone tours that you can access from home or while you're at the park. You can access each tour from the hyperlink title below.

Test your knowledge and learn more about some of our common trees.

Discover more about the plants and animals found at the park.

Explore life on a farm as you learn about one of the families that lived on the property before it became a park.

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Mobile tours have also been developed for several other park sites and you can view them all here


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