​For a printout of Crowder District Park's upcoming programs and events, please refer to our quarterly program bulletins below.
The following programs are offered at Crowder District Park, 4709 Ten Ten Road, Apex. To register, complete and sign the registration form and return it with payment (made out to Wake County Parks) by mail or bring by the park office.
Payment and registration form must be received to confirm your spot in the programs.  Please note that all payments must be made using cash, check or money order – park staff do not have the ability to take credit cards.
For more information about the following programs, contact the park at 919-662-2850 or email crowderdistrictpark@wakegov.com.

Special Events

3rd Annual Best Dog Tricks and Costumes Contests

Sunday, August 24, 1–4 p.m.
In celebration of National Dog Day on August 26, we're looking for the best dog tricks and costumes in Wake County! If your dog has a special talent and/or a super cool costume, come and show us at Crowder District Park. The contests will include youth and adult categories (for humans and dogs). For all ages; FREE. Preregistration is not required.

Family Features

For all ages; fee: $5/family. Preregistration is required.
Wonderful Wetlands
Sunday, July 13, 2–3 p.m.
Marshes, bogs and swamps have one thing in common – they are all wetlands! Build a wetland in a hands-on science experiment.
Explore the important role wetlands play in an ecosystem and get a fish-eye view of pollution.
Then learn who calls this neat habitat home through a fun game.

Three Cheers for Trees
Sunday, August 10, 2–3 p.m.
Trees are very important in our daily lives. They not only beautify our environment but provide homes and food for wildlife. Learn the important role trees play in our communities through games and hands-on activities. Make paper and then discover the goods that we get from our woods!
Tracks and Traps
Sunday, September 28, 2–3 p.m.
Tracks can tell us so much about an animal's behavior. Learn to read the land – who has been here, where they were going and how fast! Observe nature around us on a habitat hike and create bug traps to catch your favorite insects. Then make and take home a cast animal track.

Family Pond Studies

Meet on the pond boardwalk for a fun and educational study of life in Crowder Pond! Drop-in wayside program. For all ages; FREE! Preregistration is not required.
Peek into Ponds
Saturday, July 12, 1–3 p.m.
Meet park staff on the boardwalk to study the many animals and insects that live in the pond!  Peek into the water as we explore the critters that are swimming underneath the surface.
Dancing Dragonflies
Saturday, August 23, 1–3 p.m.
Meet park staff on the boardwalk to discover dragonflies and what the stages of the life cycle are that they're in.
Learn the parts of the dragonfly and spot some common North Carolina species.
Busy Beavers
Saturday, September 27, 1–3 p.m.
Meet park staff on the boardwalk to study the beavers that once called our park home. Learn the unique adaptations of beavers and study a pelt, track and skull.

Crowder by Night

For all ages; fee: $5/family or $3/person. Preregistration is required.  

Firefly Frenzy
Friday, July 25, 7:30–8:30 p.m.
How many fireflies can you catch? Sign up for an evening of summer fun as we catch and release lightning bugs. Explore what gives them a special glow through hands-on discovery, games and more!
Night Lights
Friday, August 15, 7:30–8:30 p.m.
Lights help us see in the dark, but what happens when there is too much light at night?
Explore light pollution and how the different types of shades of light affect wildlife. Measure the stars and discover the importance of the moon for sea turtles. Then have fun with glow sticks!
Night Time Critters
Friday, September 26, 7–8 p.m.
Nocturnal animals can be seen scurrying about – can you see them? Learn about raccoons and opossums through games and crafts. Discover fun facts through a who's who trivia game and test your sense of touch with our mystery box!

Nature Families

A weekday program that is fun for the whole family! For all ages; fee: $5/family. Preregistration required.
Turtles and Tortoises
Tuesday, July 15, 11 a.m.– noon
There are over 200 different species of turtles in the world! Join us and discover which turtles and tortoises call Crowder home. Play turtle tag, discover the shells and eggs of these reptiles and observe a few species up close! Then make a fun turtle craft to take home.

Beautiful Butterflies
Tuesday, August 5, 11 a.m.–noon
Butterflies are flying all over the park! Learn about their habitat, adaptations and life cycle through hands-on activities and games. Observe common NC butterflies throughout the park on a fun nature walk, then make a colorful butterfly craft take home.
The Needs of Seeds
Tuesday, September 9, 11 a.m.–noon
Do you know that seeds provide the bulk of the world's daily food? From your breakfast cereal to your dinner pizza, your food started as a seed! Learn the parts of a flower and what a seed needs to grow. Create a seed mosaic and then take home a Lima bean to grow in your window. For all ages; fee: $5/family. Preregistration is required.

Tiny Tots – New Preschool Series!

For ages 18 months to 3 years with an accompanying adult; fee: $2/child. Preregistration is required.
Shapes in Nature
Monday, September 8, 10:30–11 a.m.
Join us for our new Tiny Tots program series! Work with your toddler to practice their shapes and develop their fine motor skills through games and hands-on activities. Go on a nature hunt to find plants and animals of different shapes.

Nature Watchers

Preschool children with accompanying adult(s) discover the natural world through stories, hands-on nature activities, games, crafts and guided outdoor exploration. Meet at the Park Pavilion. For ages 3–5 with an accompanying adult. Fee: $4 for each program or 3 programs for $10. Preregistration is required.
Turtle Tales
Wednesday, July 16, 1–2 p.m.
Turtles carry their homes on their backs wherever they go! Read a story about these slow moving animals and discover the different between land and water turtles. Take a nature walk to discover how many and what kinds of turtles are swimming in our pond, then make a fun turtle shell.
Winged Wonders
Wednesday, August 6, 1–2 p.m.
Butterflies feed on the sweet nectar from flowers but what do caterpillars eat?  Read "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and discover caterpillars' favorite foods.  Learn the life cycle of butterflies and make a caterpillar necklace.  Then go on a scavenger hunt to search for favorite foods of this neat insect!
Super Seeds
Wednesday, September 10, 1–2 p.m.
Seeds come in all shapes and sizes. Sort seeds from trees, plants and flowers to discover the many seeds of the park. Learn which animals like to eat seeds of trees and flowers. Then make a living necklace to take home!  For ages 3–5 (with an accompanying adult); fee: $4/child or $10 for 3 Nature Watchers programs. Preregistration is required.
In these programs, kids will discover the natural world through hikes, hands-on nature activities, outdoor exploration, games and crafts. Meet at the Park Pavilion. For ages 6–9. Fee: $4 for each program or 3 programs for $10. Preregistration is required.
Turtle Team
Wednesday, July 16, 11 a.m.–noon
Did you know turtles are considered one of the last living dinosaurs? Discover cool facts about turtles and their neat adaptations. Learn the differences between turtles and tortoises and play a turtle-themed game. Then walk around the pond to spy on our reptile friends.
Perfect Pollinators
Wednesday, August 6, 11 a.m.–noon
Pollinators, masters of migration, quick change artists – these are just a few of the roles butterflies play. Learn the parts of the butterfly and their special adaptations. Go on a nature walk to search for common NC species and plant a flower in our butterfly garden. Then make a beautiful take home craft.
Seeds, From Here to There
Wednesday, September 10, 11 a.m.–noon
What are seeds and where do they come from? Learn how seeds pop, fly, twirl and stick in order to move around. Go on a scavenger hunt to find the many seeds of the park. Then create a plant pal.

Kids Get Crafty!

Offered once per quarter; for all ages; fee: $4/child. Preregistration is required.
Animal Art
Saturday, August 9, 11 a.m.–noon
There are so many animals that call our park home.  Join us for a full hour of crafts using our forest friends as our muse! Make a raccoon mask, a slithering snake and a few leaf animals! Come prepared to get messy and be creative.

Track Out Days

Join us for one, two or all three days. Children in Grades K–5 will participate in curriculum-correlated activities, both together and by grade level. This program is great for year-round students and for homeschool students who want to learn science in a hands-on setting. Fee: $12/day (or $30 for all 3 days). Preregistration is required.
Bird Brains
Tuesday–Thursday, September 23–25, 1–4 p.m.
Track out at Crowder! Experience hands-on, indoor and outdoor science and learn all about birds! Study what makes birds fly by exploring feathers, flight patterns and wings. Learn the life cycle of birds and identify the birds of NC to become a junior bird watcher!
Please check out the Track Out programs that are also offered at Historic Yates Mill County Park!

Summer Camps for Kids

Crowder's camps offer your child hands-on history and nature activities, including visits with live animals, hikes, crafts, games and more. Each day offers a different theme. There will be two adult staff with the kids at all times. Kids bring their own snacks. Preregistration is required. Camp size is limited, so sign up early!
Polliwogs: Water
July 22–24, 9 a.m.–noon
Drop-off program for ages 4–5; fee: $36/child (Track 4, traditional and homeschool)
Where does our water come from and why is it important? Learn about the water cycle, and explore the critters that live in and around the pond. Prepare to get wet as we splash around and learn about this important resource!
Polliwogs: Animals
August 12–14, 9 a.m.–noon
Drop-off program for ages 4–5; fee: $36/child (Track 3, traditional and homeschool)
Join us this week as we explore the animals that live in the park. Collect bugs, slugs and other slimy critters and learn about their habitat. Then meet "Popcorn," our corn snake, and other reptiles.


Discovery Boxes

Discovery boxes are packaged lesson plans, intended for use by teachers or parents who wish to educate a group of children without requesting a program through the office. These boxes are available at the office and must be signed out for use. Discovery boxes are also available on a first-come, first-served basis. Discovery boxes are a great way to explore the park in a new and exciting way!
  1. Bird Behavior Bingo Box
    Students will learn to identify different bird behaviors and how they help the bird stay safe, find food, locate a mate and stay healthy.
    Number of Participants: 1–11. Recommended Age: 4–12.

  2. Bird ID Bingo Box
    Students will learn to identify different birds that are seen at the park. Individuals will practice their observation skills.
    Number of Participants: 1–11. Recommended Age: 4–12.

  3. ABC Hike
    Students will find items on a nature walk. Individuals will develop observational skills, identify plants and animals and practice the alphabet.
    Number of Participants: 1–28. Recommended Age: 4–8+.

  4. Pondgo
    Students will find items located around the pond area. Individuals will develop observational skills and identify plants and animals.
    Number of Participants: 1–25. Recommended Age: 4–8+.

  5. Crowder’s Critters
    Students will familiarize themselves with animals native to the NC Piedmont. Students will practice their question-asking skills.
    Number of Participants: 2+. Recommended Age: 8+.

Predator/Prey Relationships
  1. Birds and Worms
    Students will simulate how predators use their vision to locate prey. Individuals will describe some of the various ways animals use camouflage for survival.
    Number of Participants: 4+. Recommended Age: 5+.

  2. Fox Hunt
    Students will develop an understanding of carrying capacity as they act as predatory animals in a finite area hunting for food to stay alive.
    Number of Participants: 4+. Recommended Age:  8+.

  1. The Nose Knows
    Students will learn about the sense of smell and how animals use it to communicate, identify each other and mark their territory.
    Number of Participants: 2–24. Recommended Age: 4+.

  2. Hear Here
    Students will learn about the many ways that animals use sound. Students will learn to distinguish between and match sounds that they create in a group setting.
    Number of Participants: 4–32. Recommended Age: 4–12+.

  1. Little Sprout
    Students will learn about the parts of a seed and their functions.
    Number of Participants: 1+. Recommended Age: 4–12+.