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Shelters and Picnicking

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Crowder County Park has three picnic shelters. Each shelter has several tables, a large charcoal grill and nearby playground. Restrooms are located in the Upper Pavilion only during the winter season and are accessible from nearby parking spaces.

Please scroll down for shelter details and updates. 

 How To Reserve A Shelter

Reservations can now be made ONLINE! You can now reserve a shelter online – and pay for it with a credit/debit card!

Shelters are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis and are only rented out to one group per shelter per day. Unreserved shelters may be used free of charge. Shelter reservations are in effect RAIN or SHINE!


Use this registration online button to direct you to our online reservation site.

The most common customer questions are answered in our FAQ section, but you can also contact park staff if you need any assistance.


Park Office number: 919-662-2850





Robin ShelterRobin shelter.jpg


The Robin shelter is the smallest shelter in the park. It is located near the lower parking lot across from the large playfield and volleyball court. It is equipped with one large charcoal grill and a gravel pad for gas cookers. There is a small playground next to the shelter, and restroom facilities are located at the Lower Pavilion. This shelter is closest to the boardwalk and great for turtle watching.


Capacity: 25 persons
Tables: 4
Fee: $40 


Cardinal Shelter 

cardinal shelter.jpg

The Cardinal shelter is the medium-sized shelter located near the upper parking lot beside the large playground. It is equipped with one large charcoal grill and a gravel pad for gas cookers. This shelter is closest to the largest playground in the park, and restroom facilities are located in the Upper Pavilion. The Cardinal Shelter also has one electrical outlet.


Capacity: 50 persons
Tables: 6
Fee: $60


Heron Shelter

CDP Heron Picnic Shelter.JPG


The Heron shelter is the largest shelter in the park. It is located near the lower parking lot. The closest restroom facility is located at the Lower Pavilion. This shelter offers the best view of the pond, has a small green space and a playground nearby. It is equipped with one large charcoal grill and a gravel pad for gas cookers. The Heron Shelter has two electrical outlets as well as lighting.


Capacity: 100 persons
Tables: 12
Fee: $80




There are opportunities to have an enjoyable picnic at the park without the need to reserve a shelter. Picnic tables are scattered throughout the park and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Also check out our Eagle Scout picnic area – a gravel pad with two picnic tables and small grill located between the Robin Shelter and Lower Pavilion. Remember, the same rules apply for using the picnic tables as for the shelters.


 Shelter Rules and Guidelines 

Shelters can be reserved from 9 a.m. until one hour before posted park closing time. Contact park office for closing time updates.

Grill Use: 

  • Only charcoal can be used in the grills. 

  • Do not pour water or any other liquids over coals or grill surfaces.

  • Leave the charcoal in the grill when finished – we will dispose of the charcoal.

  • Pig cookers may be used on asphalt parking surfaces only. Cookers must be placed in a parking space with proper measures taken to ensure grease does not drip on the asphalt. The Heron Shelter is best for this.

  • Gas grills may be used on gravel grill pads only. Take proper measures to ensure grease does not drip on the ground. Do not leave gas grills unattended.


Trash and Recycling: 

  • Leave shelter and all areas of the park your group uses free of litter. 

    • When picking up litter, pay special attention to small items such as: straw wrappers, balloons, confetti, silly string, etc. 

  • Return shelter tables to their original positions. Remove all tape from the tables and shelter supports. Do not use tacks or nails to secure decorations.

  •  Please encourage recycling:

    •  Plastic beverage bottles and aluminum beverage cans are the only items acceptable in the recycle bins. No plastic cups, bags, tablecloths, utensils, etc. 

    • Do not place trash in the recycling bins! Food scraps are considered trash.



  • Please do not use sidewalk chalk in the park. 


General Park Rules and Guidelines: 

  • NO alcoholic beverages, water balloons, hunting, amplified music, PA systems, overnight camping, campfires, swimming/wading, or littering is allowed in the park. 

  • NO Fishing. 

  • Do not feed the wildlife at the pond or elsewhere in the park! 

  • Collection, removal or release of any animal, plant or mineral material is prohibited. 

  • Park only in designated areas. 

  • No additional directional signage is permitted. 

  • Stay on the trails and please do not throw things in the pond (it’s someone’s home.) 

  • Children should not be left unattended in the park and MUST be supervised at all times. 

  • The playfield, volleyball area and playgrounds are first come, first served only – they cannot be reserved. 

  • Recreational equipment such as play structures, inflatables and pools are not permitted. 

  • Please report any improper activities or hazards to park staff immediately.

  • Pets must be restrained with a 6-foot leash at all times. Please clean up their waste.


Crowder County Park Rules and Guidelines


Park Office number:  919-662-2850



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