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​For a printout of Crowder District Park's upcoming programs and events, please refer to our quarterly program bulletins below.
The following programs are offered at Crowder District Park, 4709 Ten Ten Road, Apex. To register, complete and sign the registration form and return it with payment (made out to Wake County Parks) by mail or bring by the park office.
Payment and registration form must be received to confirm your spot in the programs. Please note that all payments must be made using cash, check or money order – park staff do not have the ability to take credit cards.
For more information about the following programs, contact the park at 919-662-2850 or email

Family Features

For all ages; fee: $5/family. Preregistration is required.
Native Americans
Sunday, November 16, 2–3 p.m.
Walk back in time with a park naturalist to learn about the original Americans. Along our journey we will discover edible and medicinal plants and practice our quiet walk. Play games just like Native American children and make a fun craft!
Microscope Mania
Sunday, December 7, 2–3 p.m.
Bring it into focus! Have fun observing living and non-living natural objects with a magnifying glass and under the microscope. Discover what ice and crystals look like up close, then sketch what everyday objects look like under the scope in a special science journal.

Crowder by Night

For all ages; fee: $5/family or $3/person. Preregistration is required.   

Survivor Skills
Friday, November 7, 4:30–5:30 p.m.
Do you know how to survive in the woods? Learn tips and tricks on how to live off of the land. Build a temporary shelter and learn which plants are safe to eat. Then play a fun orienteering game.
Mysteries of the Moon
Friday, December 19, 5–6 p.m.
Is the moon made of cheese? Is there a man in the moon? Listen to some of the stories people have told about the moon and find out if there is any truth to them. Look at the moon through a telescope and take a moonlit walk through the park.

Nature Families

A weekday program that is fun for the whole family! For all ages; fee: $5/family. Preregistration required.
Compost Creatures
Tuesday, November 4, 11 a.m.–noon
Do you know that an earthworm can eat the equivalent of its weight in just one day? That is why they are so great for compost bins and the forest floor! Learn about animal decomposers and the important role they play in the natural food chain. See these critters in action in a hands-on activity, then eat a wormy snack!
Getting Ready For Winter

Tuesday, December 2, 11 a.m.–noon
In winter, we bundle up and turn on the heat. What do animals do to get ready for winter? Discover nature’s secrets for staying warm as we play a game about preparing for winter. Learn about hibernating animals and sip on hot cocoa. Then take home a fun craft!
Preschool children with accompanying adult(s) discover the natural world through stories, hands-on nature activities, games, crafts and guided outdoor exploration. Meet at the Park Pavilion. For ages 3–5 with an accompanying adult. Fee: $4 for each program or 3 programs for $10. Preregistration is required.
Wiggly Worms

Wednesday, November 5, 1–2 p.m.
Earthworms have an important job - they help us make rich soil! Learn all about these natural recyclers through a fun story and hands-on activity. Make a wiggly worm craft to take home.
Time to Sleep
Wednesday, December 3, 1–2 p.m.
Do you know what raccoons, bats, bears and frogs all have in common? They all hibernate in the winter! Read a fun story about a bear settling down for a long winter nap and make a winter-themed craft. Then learn which animals in the wild hibernate and how fat keeps these critters warm in a fun science experiment.
In these programs, kids will discover the natural world through hikes, hands-on nature activities, outdoor exploration, games and crafts. Meet at the Park Pavilion. For ages 6–9. Fee: $4 for each program or 3 programs for $10. Preregistration is required.
Nature's RecyclersMillipede in soil.jpg
Wednesday, November 5, 11 a.m.–noon
Nature has the original recycling center. Learn how nature recycles as we meet some friendly decomposers like the earthworm and millipede. Rich soil is the product we get from all their hard work. Observe these wiggly critters up close in a science experiment, then make a compost bin to take home.
Waiting for Winter
Wednesday, December 3, 11 a.m.–noon
Do you know which animals migrate south for the winter and which animals hibernate? Learn how animals prepare for winter through fun, hands-on activities and games. Go on a nature walk to search for a few winter birds and make an insect hotel to keep the bugs of the park warm.

Kids Get Crafty!

Offered once per quarter; for all ages; fee: $4/child. Preregistration is required.
Kids Get Crafty: T is for Turkey
Saturday, November 15, 11 a.m.–noon
Turkeys have very colorful feathers! Celebrate this Thanksgiving season with crafts all about this important bird! Use recyclable materials and feathers to fashion a rafter of turkeys and make a thankful bird.

Discovery Boxes

Discovery boxes are self-guided lesson plans, intended for use by teachers or parents who wish to educate a group of children without requesting a formal program through the office. All boxes come complete with equipment, activity guides and additional background materials.

Discovery boxes are available to groups by reservation and can be picked up at the office. To reserve an activity please email or call the office prior to your visit at 919-662-2850. 

Predator/Prey Relationships
  1. Fox Hunt
    Students will develop an understanding of carrying capacity as they act as predatory animals in a finite area, hunting for food to stay alive. Read the accompanying story for a great introduction on how foxes hunt for food in the wild. Number of Participants: 4+ Recommended Age:  8+
  1. The Nose Knows
    Students will learn about the sense of smell and how animals use it to communicate, identify each other and mark their territory.
    Number of Participants: 2–24 Recommended Age: 4+
  2. Hear Here
    Students will learn about the many ways that animals use sound. Students will learn to distinguish between and match sounds that they create in a group setting. Number of Participants: 4–32 Recommended Age: 4–12+


  1. Bird Behavior Bingo Box
    Students will learn to identify different bird behaviors and how they help the bird stay safe, find food, locate a mate and stay healthy. Then practice your bird calls in a fun communication game.
    Number of Participants: 1–11 Recommended Age: 4–12
  2. Bird ID Bingo Box
    Students will learn to identify different birds that are seen at the park. Individuals will practice their observation skills through bingo cards, a fun memory game and stories.
    Number of Participants: 1–11 Recommended Age: 4–12
  3. ABC Hike
    Students will find items on a nature walk. Individuals will develop observational skills, identify plants and animals and practice the alphabet.
    Number of Participants: 1–28 Recommended Age: 4–8+
  4. Pondgo
    Students will find items located around the pond area. Individuals will develop observational skills and identify plants and animals through bingo cards, a fun memory game and stories.
    Number of Participants: 1–25 Recommended Age: 4–8+
  5. Crowder’s Critters
    Students will familiarize themselves with animals native to the NC Piedmont. Students will practice their question-asking skills.
    Number of Participants: 2+ Recommended Age: 8+



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