​Here you can find different activities created by park staff that will allow you to enjoy Crowder County Park from home! Please reach out if you have any questions about the resources created or any suggestions for future offerings.

children participate in scavenger hunt 

Backyard Buddies


Join Wake County park staff as we explore our backyards!

Use #MyBackyardBuddies on social media to share photos of what you see and check out what we're finding too. 

Use the following apps to help you identify wildlife: 
  • Seek by Inaturalist
  • Merlin Bird ID
  • INaturalist
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Crowder Nature Puzzles


Try solving some of these beautiful nature puzzles which are photo captures of critters and plants in the park. See if you can put them all back together!

Educational Activities

Want to find out what types of critters are living in your pond or creek? Use this identification guide as you explore.

        See if you can match these birds with their shadows.

         Learn about the different types of metamorphosis and match up the life cycles of
         different insects. 

         Take this printable out in the park to try and find all the different insects!

         See if you can match these commonly seen frogs with their descriptions.

Check out these habitat match cards, perfect for all ages! Print, cut and match!
Use this printable wordsearch and find common animals found in the park. 

Use the printable bingo cards to explore signs of animals in your own backyard.

Do you enjoy observing birds? Well, try out this printable bingo game!
Explore your backyard and see if you can find all the different critters and plants.

Go on a hike to see if you can find everything on this printable scavenger-hunt style activity!
Explore your backyard and see if you can find things that are "prickly" or "smooth." This is best suited for ages 4 and under

Craft Activities

Create your own baby bird nest using this printable and instructions!
Create this pollinator craft using recyclable materials.
Have some left over compact discs or DVDs? With this craft you can print the template and make your own sparkling fish!

Paper Tube Opossum
Create your own opossum friend with this printable template!


Spring Has Sprung Collection
It has quickly become spring outdoors, so park staff thought you might enjoy hearing our own reflections regarding what we particularly like about spring in nature and outdoors. Find below different audio recordings from staff, and enjoy!

  • Rebeccah Cope, Program Director for Historic Yates Mill County Park and Crowder County Park, tells us all about the beauty of spring. Listen on Soundcloud here.knoh_clipped_rev_1.png
  • Bianca Dubé, Park Technician of Education for Crowder County Park and Historic Yates Mill County Park, discusses bluebirds and the joy of watching them build their nests. Listen on Soundcloud here.
  • Patrick Lynch, Park Technician of Operations and Maintenance for Crowder County Park and Historic Yates Mill County Park, will get you prepared to listen to sounds of the frogs, especially when the spring rain starts to fall! Listen on Soundcloud here.frog_clipped_rev_1.png

  • Laura Ketcham, Park Technician for Public History and Volunteer Coordination at Historic Yates Mill County Park and Crowder County Park, focuses on spring's floral delights. Listen on Soundcloud here.flower_clipped_rev_1.png

  • Jack Singley, Park Technician for Programs at Historic Yates Mill County Park and Crowder County Park, makes friends with the buzzing bees and shares some information with us about them. Listen on Soundcloud here.bee_clipped_rev_1.png 

Ask a Ranger Collection: The Den Owners Association

Listen to this adorable adventure that came to life through a collaboration with North Carolina State Parks, Historic Yates Mill County Park, Crowder County Park and our wonderful volunteers!

Ranger Crystal travels to Yates Mill County Park to help our Program Director, Rebeccah, get things lined up for the annual "Den Owners Association" meeting. Listen in as they hike and canoe around Yates Mill and chat with everyone from otters to toads and squirrels to grumpy ole Walter, the groundhog. You will learn some interesting facts about many of the Yates Mill residents and concerns of den dwellers.

Bird Day Collection

Monday, May 4 was “Bird Day.” This was the first holiday in the United States dedicated to the celebration of birds. This audio series was created by the staff of Historic Yates Mill County Park and Crowder County Park, in celebration of this special day and in honor of our feathered friends. In these tracks, we talk about our favorite spring bird calls and why we like them (e.g., Is it a sweet or attention-grabbing sound? Does it remind you of an experience or a person? Is there a funny joke about it? Is it a rare bird?) We hope you enjoy our recollections and stories! Share with us on social media!
Presentation1_clipped_rev_1 (2).png
Listen here


Turtle Time with Ms. Bianca

Please enjoy this video brought to you from the home of Park Technician, Bianca Dubé, where she talks all about turtles and introduces you to her own pet turtle, a yellow-bellied slider named Leslie!


All About Bluebirds with Ms. Bianca

Join Ms. Bianca to learn about our local Bluebirds and see them nesting both at Crowder County Park and in her own yard! Follow along online throughout the nesting season to see how these birds are doing. Feel free to ask any questions you may have and we hope you enjoy!

Watch the video here.


All About Beavers!

Ready to learn all about American beavers? If so, you can join Park Technicians Bianca, Jack and Patrick and Park Aide Nic, as well as volunteer puppy-dog Bubba (who helps us build a beaver), to explore their unique lifestyle, eating habits, awesome adaptations, and other special features.


Hello from Crowder's Turtles 

Park staff thought our turtle admirers might be missing their daily dose of cuteness, so volunteer Sam Ray helped us bring them to you. As you can see, they are busy as ever!

Backyard Buddies: A Robin's Nest

Park staff have started exploring their own backyards and are finding some interesting things! In this video, Park Tech Bianca Dubé finds a blown down robin's nest, and shows the different materials it's made out of! What are you seeing in your own backyard? #MyBackyardBuddies #CrowderParkfromHome #WakeParksfromHome


All About Bluebirds Part 2

Ready to see some little bluebird nestlings? Ms. Bianca captured some adorable footage and also has lots of handy tips for monitoring your own bluebird box!


All About Monarchs
Ready to learn all about the beautiful monarch butterfly? Join Ms. Bianca as we discuss their 3,000 mile migration, life-cycles, adaptations and the conservation efforts that are being put into place to save their habitats. See some up-close footage of monarch caterpillars and learn about the types of plants you can have in your own yard to help out pollinators.


Spring is Here!
Need a moment of peace? Check out these wildlife clips volunteer Sam Ray captured for us to get your daily dose of nature!

Spring is here.png

Groundhog Playtime!
Ready for your daily dose of cuteness? Check out this amazing backyard buddy capture by Sam Ray of an adorable Groundhog family learning to explore!


Signs of Summer
The weather is getting warmer but, despite the heat, the critters are staying quite busy! Enjoy these beautiful signs of summer with footage taken by volunteer Sam Ray.


Hide and Snake Interactive Preschool Storytime with Ms. Bianca
Park staff decided to put together a story time video for all of our tiny tots! Join Ms. Bianca as we read "Hide and Snake," by Keith Baker, and search for the sneaky snake as we journey through the story! This one is interactive so feel free to pause the video. We hope you enjoy!

Hide and snake.jpg

Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond!
Join us for a new story time with your tiny tots! Join Ms. Bianca as we read "Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond!" by Cathryn Falwell. Help us as we count all the turtles and learn your numbers too! We hope you enjoy!


Enjoy the Little Things
Start your morning right with this peaceful video, featuring video clips by Sam Ray of small creatures found at Historic Yates Mill and Crowder County Park.

All About Night Animals
Ready to learn all about nocturnal animals and their neat adaptations? Join Ms. Bianca as she talks about her favorite night animals, reads a hilarious story, and makes a cute opossum craft that you can enjoy at home!


More coming soon!!!

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