EBB_Nest.jpgFamily Wildlife Series programs are open to all ages (unless otherwise noted), although information and activities are most appropriate for ages 5 and up.

Fee: $3/person or $5/family (unless otherwise noted)

Preregistration is required for Family Wildlife Series Programs. To check for space availability, you may call the Blue Jay Center for Environmental Education at 919-870-4330. To register, you will need to submit a completed registration form and payment by mail or in person.

Register now for:
Twilight Hike
Friday, August 7, 8–9 p.m.
Listen for the cricket's chirp, the frogs' chorus and the call of the barred owl as we put our best foot forward on a Twilight Hike. Family program for ages 5 and up, please.

Warts and All
Saturday, August 22, 9:30–11 a.m.
Toads are amphibians that spend the early part of their lives under water (as eggs and tadpoles) and the remainder of their lives on land eating the things that "bug your garden." Learn toad-ally fascinating things as we separate toad fact from fiction, and then create a toad house, or "toad abode," to put in your yard.

Calling All Crows
Saturday, September 5, 2–3:30 p.m.
Blue jays, crows, ravens, magpies and more are all part of a family of extra smart birds called "corvids." Come find out through hikes and activities how these birds cleverly use their big brains to do all kinds of amazing and unusual things.