E-K Monarchs.jpgEco-Kids are three-day summer mini-camps especially for children ages 4–5 years old, in which they learn about a variety of topics through crafts, hikes, stories, snacks and other activities.

Fee: $25/child/program

Preregistration is required.

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Eco-Kids Bird Buddies Mini-Camp   (Track 1)  p.m session Full
June 12, 14, & 16 (choice of times)
Be the best bird buddy ever! Learn what makes a bird a bird, how to identify bird songs, and how different birds “earn a living” all while finding out what you can do to help your feathered friends.
           9–11 a.m.            OR               1–3 p.m.

Eco-Kids Bug-A-Boos (Track 4, Traditional)
July 10, 12, & 14   (choice of times)
Do you call anything that crawls on the ground a bug? Arthropods are so much more! With anywhere from six legs to thousands, Blue Jay’s exciting and colorful invertebrates are always on the move, and you will be, too, as you learn the special characteristics of insects, spiders, millipedes and more.
           9–11 a.m.            OR                1–3 p.m.

Eco-Kids Summer Sun-sations (Track 3, Traditional)
August 7, 9, & 11   1–3 p.m.
Unlock the mysteries of the sun! Learn how the sun affects our everyday lives—from its role in other cultures to today’s uses of solar energy. Enjoy sun-sational crafts, solar snacks and more.
           1–3 p.m.