E-K Monarchs.jpgEco-Kids is a three-day mini-camp especially for children ages 4–5 years old, in which they learn about a variety of topics through crafts, hikes, stories, snacks and other activities.

Fee: $25/child/program

Preregistration is required. To check for space availability, you may call the Blue Jay Center for Environmental Education at 919-870-4330. To register, you will need to submit a completed registration form and payment by mail or in person.

Register now for: 

Eco-Kids Summer Sun-sations (Track 3, Traditional)
August 10, 12 & 14, 1–3 p.m.
Unlock the mysteries of the sun! Learn how the sun affects our everyday lives—from its role in other cultures to today's uses of solar energy. Enjoy sun-sational crafts, solar snacks and more.
Ages 4–5, $25/child. Includes staff supervision, snacks, crafts and activities.

Water Wonders (Track 1)
September 14, 16, & 18, 1–3 p.m.
Enjoy lots of watery fun as we conduct experiments and play games to learn about the properties and importance of water on our Earth.
Ages 4–5, $25/child. Includes staff supervision, snacks, crafts and activities.

See our Summer Mini-Camp page for camp opportunities for other ages.