E-K Monarchs.jpgEco-Kids is a three-day mini-camp especially for children ages 4–5 years old, in which they learn about a variety of topics through crafts, hikes, stories, snacks and other activities.

Fee: $25/child/program

Preregistration is required. To check for space availability, you may call the Blue Jay Center for Environmental Education at 919-870-4330. To register, you will need to submit a completed registration form and payment by mail or in person.

Register now for:

Eco-Kids Digging Dinos
January 26, 28 & 30, 1–3 p.m.
Ages 4–5 Fee: $25/child (homeschool)
Crazy about dinosaurs? This is the Eco-Kids for you! Budding paleontologists will explore the ins and outs of dinosaur life by playing active games, digging for fossils and dancing with a dinosaur!

Eco-Kids Winter Wildlife Profiles—the Night Shift
February 9, 11 & 13, 1–3 p.m.
Ages 4–5 Fee: $25/child (Track 3, homeschool)
Discover the lives of our furry nocturnal neighbors by feeling your way like a raccoon, playing 'possum and soaring like a flying squirrel  We'll spend a day on each of these common nocturnal mammals, learning their habitat requirements, their place in the food web, and the way they "make their living."

Eco-Kids Wild About Wings
March 9, 11 & 13, 1–3 p.m.
Ages 4–5 Fee: $25/child (Track 1, homeschool)
What do birds, bats, and bees all have in common? Wings, of course! Learn about the distinctions of these flying animals, plus the similarities and differences between their animal groups.

There are no Eco-Kids mini-camps in April and May so we can focus on Spring field trips, but see our Summer Mini-Camp page for June–August Eco-Kids opportunities!