​Whether you are an outdoor buff wanting to hone your skills, or a dabbler who would just like to try something new, come hang with the Blue Jay staff and work on some Serious Skills! Criteria II or III or CEU credit may be available for participants in the NC EE Certification Program, depending on the session.

Serious Skills for Adults: Dragonflies
Saturday, July 21, 2–3:30 p.m.
Explore the amazing world of flying dragons! Nature's flying jewels patrol our skies and our waterways always on the hunt for an insect feast. Learn simple dragonfly terminology before experiencing the magic of the dragonfly life cycle from nymph to adulthood. Use aquatic dipnets to capture and examine dragonfly nymphs as well as binoculars and a breadth of resources to identify adults on the wing.

Serious Skills for Adults: Butterflies 101
Saturday, Aug. 18, 2–3:30.p.m.
Butterflies on the wing! From the tiniest Skipper to the giant Swallowtail, butterflies are a source of inspiration and pollination. Learn techniques to distinguish between different butterflies and their kin while investigating nectar plants and larval foliage plants in Blue Jay's pollinator garden.

Serious Skills for Adults: Spiders 101
Saturday, Sept. 15, 9:30–11.a.m.
Spiders are marvels of nature, spinning silk that rivals the strength of steel. Learn to identify these eight-legged wonders by habit, habitat, color and shape. We will use various collecting tools and ID resources as we explore the world of spiders.