​​Here you can find different activities created by park staff that will allow you to enjoy Blue Jay Point from home! Please reach out if you have any questions about the resources created or any suggestions for future offerings.
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Spotlight on Gus 

Gus the Turtle
Gus, or as Ms. Dana is fond of saying, "Gustapher for short," is Blue Jay's resident education turtle. An Eastern Painted Turtle, Gus hatched in 2002, making him older than the multitude of kids that visit him at the Blue Jay Education Center each year!  Gus is a rescue turtle in the sense that a family picked him up as a tiny hatchling and kept him in a critter keeper for a few months until the wear of daily care prompted them to return him to Blue Jay. Unfortunately, just those few months thoroughly imprinted him on people, making him no longer a wild turtle. Gus will be an education turtle for the rest of his life – maybe another 40 years. The moral of the story is, let wild things be wild. Gus does make regular appearances in programs, definitely earning his turtle sticks!

Activities to learn more about Eastern Painted Turtles:

Word Finds (printable)

Art Attack

Staff Nature Book Favorites! 
    Pond Life
 This picture by Herb Amyx shows some of Gus's turtle cousins and reptile relatives in their natural habitat. 

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 Can you spot 10 differences between the between this image and the one above?

Tuesday Tidbits (short video glimpses into some aspect of Blue Jay)
Log Garden – There can be more life under a log than you know. Learn how to roll a log and investigate all the small creatures that call a log a home.
Toad Abodes A home for toads?! Learn how simple it is to make a toad abode and encourage these little amphibians to visit your house. A Mighty WindLet's investigate how wind helps some plants move their seeds! Pink Dogwood Ever wonder about the unusual dogwood that blooms two different colors near the Education Center? Learn all about how this funky tree came to be in this Tuesday Tidbit. MSTWant to go on a hike? Check out the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, a portion of which runs through Blue Jay! One Tree, Many Names Explore the nature and history of Tulip Poplars in One Tree, Many Names.
Camo Creepers – Think your observational skills are up to snuff? Give it a try in this video and see how many camouflaged critters you can spot!
Camo Creepers Reveal – Find out how you did spotting those camouflage critters!
A Tale of Two Dogwoods – Learn to solve the puzzle for distinguishing between two types of locally occurring dogwood trees.
Leaves of Three – Have you heard the rhyme “Leaves of three, leave it be” but what plant are they talking about? Learn about nature’s most notorious plant and how to avoid it. Day Hiking Whether you're new to hiking or haven't been in a while, here are a few items to help you get out and enjoy a day on trail! Bubbles Take a moment of Zen and just watch the bubbles float up, up and away.  Adding Color to Your Garden Try out this super fun, family friendly craft using rocks to make colorful flowers to your garden. They'll add a beautiful pop of color and no watering required! Staying Cool with the BJP Staff! - Beat the heat this summer with some cool ideas from the Blue Jay Point park staff!

Hummingbirds - Learn more on how to attract these fierce and fast flying creatures to your space and watch the aerial acrobatics begin! 

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