​A variety of trail users frequent this multiple-use trail including bicyclists, runners, walkers, dog walkers, and horseback riders. Expect to see an occasional pile of manure on the trail; however, equestrian volunteers are cleaning up on a regularly scheduled basis.

The variety of trail activities requires users to be courteous to one another and to ensure that their actions do not cause harm to others. It is the responsibility of each trail user to adhere to the "share the trail" etiquette in yielding to other user groups. See the diagram below.

Road Crossings: Trail users, please stop at all road crossings to make sure roadway is safe to pass before crossing. Make sure vehicle traffic has come to a complete stop, as well. Your safety is a main priority!
Yield means: to give up possession. You may have to stop and let another trail user pass.

When meeting a horseback rider face-to-face on the trail, stop and allow the horse to pass before resuming pedaling.

When overtaking a horse from behind, call out and ask permission of the rider to pass.

Do not pedal past a horse without first getting the rider's attention. The horse could spook and endanger you, the rider and other trail users.

Warn other trail users before passing from behind by calling out "passing on your left."

All bicyclists must wear ANSI- or Snell-approved safety helmets.

Communicate to other users before passing from behind, especially when overtaking a horseback rider. The horse could spook and endanger you, the rider and other trail users.

Dog Walkers:
Dogs should be on a leash at all times. 
Remove animal waste from the trail. Mutt mitts are provided at trailheads.

Keep to the right side of the trail. 

Allow bikers and faster moving traffic to pass.

Remove animal waste from parking area and pack it out. If you cannot remove your animal's waste from the trail immediately, please join the volunteers on manure cleanup days. Call 919-387-2117 for more information.

All Users:
Should allow horses to clear bridges and the tunnel before entering themselves.

The American Tobacco Trail staff hope that all trail users have a safe and enjoyable visit. A little courtesy can go a long way and enable everyone to have a pleasant trail experience.