​Welcome to the American Tobacco Trail (ATT). Wake County's portion of the trail was designed with equestrians in mind. The hoof-friendly trail surface is composed of crushed granite screenings. The New Hill-Olive Chapel parking area accommodates up to eight horse trailers and the White Oak Church parking area holds up to 10; however, we are not equipped to manage horse waste left in the parking areas, so please pack it out with you.

Speaking of manure, equestrians are expected to remove their horse's waste from the trail surface and parking lots. We recognize that all riders are not comfortable dismounting and taking care of this as it occurs along the trail so, equestrians are strongly encouraged to join fellow riders volunteering on manure clean-up days. Call 919-387-2117 for more information. Cleanliness of the trail contributes to the enjoyment of all visitors to the ATT.

The ATT is a multiple-use trail enjoyed by many other types of visitors, including walkers, runners, dog walkers and bicyclists. Each trail user is expected to adhere to the "share the trail" etiquette in yielding to other user groups. In a nutshell, both pedestrians and bicyclists are expected to yield to horseback riders.  All users should be as accommodating as possible, in order for all users to enjoy the trail.

The trail itself is a minimum of 10 feet wide. Three bridges provide safe passage over creeks. The bridges are approximately 100 feet in length with solid wood planking surfaces and 42-inch-high railings. The trail also includes a tunnel going underneath Highway 64. The tunnel is 10 feet wide, 20 feet high and approximately 100 feet long, with a concrete surface.

The trail crosses five, two-laned roads. Mounting blocks and benches are located along the trail to assist riders in remounting their horses.

Currently, drinking water is only available at the Wimberly parking area on the Wake County portion of the trail.

We hope you enjoy your time at the American Tobacco Trail!