For the first time, Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space will be opening some of its open space properties for limited public access. Along with Procter Farm Preserve and Turnipseed Nature Preserve, Robertson Mill Pond Preserve is among the first of these properties to be opened in Eastern Wake County. Unlike Wake County parks, the preserves will be minimally developed and will be open to the public only during weekends and some holidays. Each site will be dedicated for a single recreational use.

Robertson's Mill Pond - Cypress on Pond.jpg
Robertson Mill Pond Preserve, 85 acres along Buffalo Creek, lies near Knightdale, Wendell and Zebulon. The mill pond will be open for canoeing and kayaking, but paddlers will have to supply their own canoes and kayaks for the time being.

Buffalo Creek was dammed in the 1820s to power a grist mill. Although the mill was demolished in 1975 after years of disuse, the dam and mill foundation remains. The mill pond is also a black water swamp, unusual for the Piedmont area, and is home to Wake County's only known bald cypress habitat.

Robertson Mill Pond is projected to open in Fall 2015.