Turnipseed Nature Preserve

Turnipseed Nature Preserve is 265 acres of undeveloped wetland and hardwood forest located in the Marks Creek Watershed. The preserve, noted for its biological diversity,will be open for trail hiking. Learn more.

Procter Farm Preserve

At 563 acres, Procter Farm Preserve is the largest single piece of property Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space has acquired. The land, a mix of woods and active farmland, will be open for horseback riding. Learn more.

Lake Myra County Park​

Lake Myra is a new park location currently being developed by Wake County Parks, Recreation and Open Space. The 220-acre park will be located along Poole Road, north of the intersection of Poole Road and Lake Myra RoadLearn more.

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan follows previous plans completed in 1980, 1986, 1989, 1998 and 2003. The strategic initiatives included in each Plan advanced the parks and open space system to where it is today. Learn more.